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Two Progessive Italian Women execute in Iraq

The first females executed in Iraq by militants. They were great believers in progressive causes. Please remember them.
Text of Statement on Killing of Italian Hostages

DUBAI (Reuters) - Here is the full text of a statement by an Islamic group posted on the Internet in Arabic on Wednesday saying it had killed two Italian hostages in Iraq.

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Praise be to God, the Lord of this world and the next, and may His peace be upon the leader of his mujahideen. We in the Jihad Organization in Iraq announce that God's verdict has been passed on the two Italian prisoners by slaughtering, after the Italian government headed by the vile (Prime Minister Silvio) Berlusconi did not listen to our one condition to withdraw from Iraq. We in the Jihad Organization warn the Italian government that we will continue to strike, and to strike every foreigner living in Iraq. We will not relent and we will not yield until we dig your graves in every inch of the land of Iraq. We will make Iraq a cemetery for you and all those who let themselves be seduced into committing aggression against Iraq. Those who have done wrong will meet their fate. The Jihad Organization, Iraq, September 22, 2004."

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This is bullshit! USA kidnapped and killed them 23.Sep.2004 05:41


There is so much evidence linking the US army to this and other kidnappings-killings in Iraq that the only ones (AGAIN) who are not aware of what is happening are americans fed by their poisonnous media. Kill the media! They are the true genocidal psychopaths.

the media AND THE ARMY!! 23.Sep.2004 05:43


never forget the horrors that are being carried out by the worst group of humans ever to be assembled and all being doen in your name, you murderous Americans.

psy-ops as usual 23.Sep.2004 05:45

business as usual in the land of the free


Who seized Simona Torretta?

This Iraqi kidnapping has the mark of an undercover police operation

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill
Thursday September 16, 2004
The Guardian


And then there were the weapons. The attackers were armed with AK-47s, shotguns, pistols with silencers and stun guns - hardly the mujahideen's standard-issue rusty Kalashnikovs. Strangest of all is this detail: witnesses said that several attackers wore Iraqi National Guard uniforms and identified themselves as working for Ayad Allawi, the interim prime minister.


.. enough said ..

This is deją vu (bombing of the United Nations headquarters) all over again. Will only fool the naive and moronic.

The guerilla manual 23.Sep.2004 17:45

Migratory Bird

As usual history is disregarded and emotionalism wins the day.

Why should we trust any of the news coming from the American corporations?

Like this CBS attempt to discredit the alternative news sources. (We had been talking about this for four years before they picked it up then discredited it using only one source and not seeking out the countless others.)

It reminds me of the guerilla manuals that we flooded central america with during our genocidal campaign against the mayans. The school of the america's tried to discredit the mayans therefore being allowed to work or murder the remaining population.

When the world trade center came down they could not find the remains of hundreds but they found the badges of the terrorists?

What the fuck is this fake journalism? Why won't people think?

When will we demand the news to be held accountable for truth in journalism and stop relying on the 70% of the newspaper-- ads- to be their truth telling. Actually that 70% is usually not true either.

Why not follow the lead of those who win the Nobel Peace Prizes? Why not question American media more harshly than any other? We are the ones at perpetual never ending war against the entire planet. And they fabricate it for us.


Migratory Bird

This article was a lie. They were released. Check out Democracy Now archives for further details.

yes, it was a lie 04.Oct.2004 14:59


And now people are not so happy with what they are saying:

Italians fall out of love with 'two Simonas'
By Bruce Johnston in Rome
(Filed: 02/10/2004)

Italy's adoration of the "two Simonas", the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour yesterday, as the extent of their sympathy for the Iraqi fight against the allied occupation became clear.

In their first big interviews given since their release in return for a reported $1 million ransom on Tuesday, Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, both 29, gave their backing to insurgents opposing the allied forces.

Miss Pari, when asked why she and her colleague had not asked on their return for the release of other hostages, said: "We didn't know there were any other hostages. No one told us about the British prisoner, nor about the Americans who were beheaded. I say that every life has to be saved, that the right to life is sacred everywhere.

"If you ask me about terrorism, I'll tell you that there is terrorism and there is resistance. The resistance struggle of people against an occupying force is guaranteed by international law."

The women's comments are likely to cause renewed anger in government circles, following their call soon after their release for Italy's peacekeeping forces to be withdrawn.

Miss Torretta admitted that was now studying Islam, although she denied that was planning to convert.

The two women have also ruffled feathers by thanking Italy's Islamic community for working for their release before thanking the government and the Italian Red Cross.

After they were taken hostage on Sept 7, the two Simonas achieved iconic status in Italy and the conservative government and the opposition put aside their differences to work together for the women's release.

But as the Turin newspaper La Stampa said yesterday, national unity has been short lived since their arrival home, wearing kaftans and thanking their captors in Arabic for their release before the cameras of the Al-Jazeera stellite television network.