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City of Portland public hearing on murals: Tues., Sept. 28th at 7pm

The City of Portland seeks comments on a new (draft) Public Art Murals proposal.
For a copy of the draft document "Public Art Murals" download one at: www.portlandonline.com/mayor/
Call either City Planner Phil Nameny, at the Portland Bureau of Planning 503/823-7709
or Hannah Kuhn, Policy Development Manager, Office of the Mayor 503/823-7589 for more details on the Public Art Murals Project.
The public hearing will take place on Tuesday, September 28th at 7pm at 1900 SW Fourth Ave in Portland, Second Floor, Room 2500A.
murals 23.Sep.2004 10:12


if you're reading this while at the red and black or nearby 7 corners, you can stop in at mirador and look at a copy of the proposal there.

just curious 23.Sep.2004 11:41

has anyone seen the Rumblefish/Clear Channel collaboration?

It's on E. Burnside, near Farm restaurant's parking lot. The thing is pretty stupid looking. What's up with that, anyway?