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offensive boob
And Bill O'Rielly gets to continue lying on air?


homepage: homepage: http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Entertainment/ap20040922_1580.html

Is this Guy Bothering You? 22.Sep.2004 17:39


Is this guy cusing harm? If these shows do not report the facts, provide lies, cause emotional and physical harm to members of our society, why not file suite? Why not use discovery if their is intent?

Cigarette harm is statistical and resulted in liability. Can not those whom output audio and audiovidio signals that result in social harm liable? You know they should be held accountable. My point is these nut maybe causing harm in just the way they present the news. I believe M. Moore touched on this in "bowling for columbine."

The unbalanced reporting of fox has motivated people to put others into harms way. I bet our blood pressure as well as hate crime have resulted from diss-information that has been spewed from the media. Thats right anxiety. Granted the news cannot always be good but its monopolyized presentation that is for socialpolitical control and is missrepresented as facts got to have some liability...

I know members of hate groups have been prosecuted and I believe some of our commentators, news souces need investigating.

My point is these people are yelling fire in our theater
Fake  Fear is Real Fear
Fake Fear is Real Fear

huuuhh? 22.Sep.2004 19:09


ok ,

my first thought was "huuuhh?", but i've re-read your comment a couple of times and i think that i've got it.....you've got it. fox is a particularly egregious example of bad broadcasting but more mainstream outlets are also guilty of bad journalism. f\f.y.i. there is suit filed aginst fox news. check it out.



OW MY EARS 22.Sep.2004 19:36


stop yelling robby!!!