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3rd party debate update

Here is an updated list of 3rd party debate activity.
The Aug 31 debate in NYC between David Cobb and Michael Badnarik can still be checked out at  http://www.c-span.org/ - just type in "Cobb" in the search function. It will be up for 3 more days.

Pat LaMarche is scheduled to participate in an Alternate Vice Presidential Debate on the evening of the first corporate, televised debate in Cleveland on October 5th. Peter Camejo is expected as well as Libertarian and Constitution Party VP's.

On Oct 6th, David Cobb will participate in a third party debate sponsored by Cornell University. Badnarik and Peroutka are confirmed. Per the organizers, Nader has been invited but not confirmed.

On Oct 7th, Cobb and Badnarik - both Texans - will debate in Austin. On Oct 15, ETSU is sponsoring their third party debate, to be aired by Free Speech TV on Oct 29-31.

We are planning our presence at the Florida and Missouri corporate debates, looking at Arizona as well. Please contact  Jason@votecobb.org if you want to help be part of the strong show of support for our inclusion in the corporate debates.

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