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Mayfield case: the plot thickens

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Although the case against Brandon Mayfield is no more, there's been an interesting development in the build up to what may be a civil lawsuit filed by Mayfield against the feds. Some of the evidence used to capture and detain Mayfield is now being released, and it seems odd, because THIS information, which we're hearing about now four months after Mayfield was released, actually has some relevance and raises questions about the whole case.

The question would be: why was the public not informed of this information in the first place, since it obviously affects anyone who takes the train or light rail anywhere?

And the other big question is: is the information REAL or was it just made up recently to cast a better light on the feds, or was it all made up at an earlier date in time?

The original information, or "evidence" if you will, was that a partial fingerprint found on a bag of detonators in Spain matched his. If I remember correctly, the bag was in a van outside of Madrid, and that there was also a tape of Islamic chants. Aside from that, Mayfield was suspect because he attended a local mosque and donated to an Islamic charity.

The new information is thus: FBI agents found that airline schedules from Portland to Madrid had been researched on his computer in September/October 2003--also information regarding rental housing in Spain and information about the Spanish national rail system had been accessed on his computer, apparently around the same time.

According the the AP article yesterday, it was Mayfield's 12 yo daughter that was doing this research, for a school assignment. But that seems a bit much for a 12 year old to be doing--researching flights, housing, and the rail system of another country.

So the question is: is the government setting up Mayfield for another detainment session, or was there some critical information that was withheld from us for some reason, at the time of his detention??

In national news: it looks like Florida Representative Porter Goss will be confirmed as the new CIA director for the USA. However, his confirmation hearings were made exceedingly difficult by a few democratic senators, including Ron Wyden, Jay Rockefeller, Carl Levin, and others. It was no cakewalk for the embattled Floridian, and he will surely have to proceed with caution with any endeavors his agency plans to undertake.
Cakewalk 22.Sep.2004 15:20


Peter Goss is a known quantity-- known to embody all the proper attitudes and skills of the neocon establishment, which the Congress is on record as supporting.

It is pure fantasy to imagine that he will have any problem in his confirmation hearings.

Not so thick after all. 22.Sep.2004 16:37

Fuck the Corporate Media

The reason none of that "evidence" is relevant, and the reason you should be terrified that they even have it, rather than disseminiating it as if it were really damning, is that they did not act against Mayfield because of it. They did not know about any of this stuff before they began pawing through his life with a fine-toothed comb. They decided in advance that he was guilty, and then set about digging through his world to reify that belief.

The "evidence" is all just crap they dug up and put together to assemble their "case," just as they could go through your or my affairs and do the same thing if we let them. Mayfield's attorney says the Spain stuff was from a class assignment his 12 year old daughter took part in, as was a hand-written letter questioning the US bombing of Afghanistan. He would know that these are easily verified statements, and would be unlikely to make them up. Anyone could ask the child's teacher if there had been such an assignment.

Other "evidence" included the fact that he had downloaded two articles that the FBI deemed to be "anti-semitic," and the fact that he had a manual left over from his time in the service -- which the FBI called "information about a classified US weapons system."

For the record, I've done a lot of web surfing to places that the FBI, should they be interested, could call anti-american, anti-semitic, anti-capitalist, or whatever. Including this site, by the way. If you frequent this site, better hope the FBI never gets a partial fingerprint that looks like yours. Also for the record, I and my child BOTH have written extensively on the immorality of US policy in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and we've said nasty things about bush. I stand by them all.

How did we sink so far behind the new iron curtain that you, or anyone, can imagine this stuff could be considered admissible, or even excusable? If they get a bee in their bonnets to come after you, or me, or any of us, they can build whatever case they want to. All of us have complex and varied interests that could be used to buttress phony cases. US history is FULL of such things, and the potential for more is getting worse by the day. Don't help them by pretending this is acceptable.

Well Said FTCM 22.Sep.2004 17:19


I do wonder though what prompted those characters to go after Mayfield in the first place. It's a matter of record that the Spanish police raised concerns BEFORE the arrest, and stated flatly that Mayfield's prints did NOT match the latents found on the bombing evidence. So what made the FBI follow through? Didn't they learn anything from the Richard Jewell case? Did they they just feel obliged to arrest SOMEBODY? And WHY? This wasn't a crime that was generating a lot of political pressure in this country.

I wouldn't believe anything the 22.Sep.2004 17:23

fucking Feds

have to say on this case! It's a botched case and they'll try as best they can to cover up
and tell lies, etc., etc....the usual "government way"! Best thing to do is hope to be on
the jury that hears the case and vote for the maximum you can in punitive damnages against
the stupid bastards...millions, if not billions of dollars!

easy! 22.Sep.2004 23:20


"According the the AP article yesterday, it was Mayfield's 12 yo daughter that was doing this research, for a school assignment. But that seems a bit much for a 12 year old to be doing--researching flights, housing, and the rail system of another country."

thats easy! that is exactly what a kid doing research on a trip to spain would look up. it's like world culture 101! feds are in a bad spot...they made a boo boo. probably cost more to fix than it did to break.

To fuck the corporate media 24.Sep.2004 14:34


You wrote that those bits of "evidence" could be easily verified, and that's partially true. In the first place, there's not alot of information given about how extensively any of this stuff was researched--for instance, did Mayfield's daughter just happen to click on Spain's national website, or an equivalent (consider a site like Oregonlive.com, where there's alot of information about things) and randomly, maybe accidentally click on a few things? This could be possible.

But just as it's easy to verify certain information, it's also easy to make people say certain things, or not say things, and with the PATRIOT ACT it may be illegal to ask certain things and to report on certain things, whether in an investigation or in journalism. If it's a "national security" issue, then the feds can just throw a blanket over the whole thing, which is what they did with Brandon Mayfield in the first place. They wouldn't comment about why they wouldn't comment.