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Pentagon plans to punish soldiers using prostitutes

U.S. troops stationed overseas could face a court martial for patronizing prostitutes under a new regulation drafted by the Pentagon. The move is part of a Defense Department effort to lessen the possibility that troops will contribute to human trafficking in areas near their overseas bases by seeking the services of women forced into prostitution.
Head Pimp
Head Pimp
In recent years, "Women and girls are being forced into prostitution for a clientele consisting largely of military services members, government contractors and international peacekeepers" in places like South Korea and the Balkans, Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., said Tuesday at a Capitol Hill forum on Pentagon anti-trafficking efforts.

Defense officials have drafted an amendment to the manual on courts martial that would make it an offense for U.S. troops to use the services of prostitutes, said Charles Abell, a Pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness.

Proposed rule open for public comment

If approved, that would make it a military offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to have contact with a prostitute, Lt. Col. Ellen Krenke, an Abell spokeswoman said later. The draft rule is open to 60 days public comment after being published in the Federal Register, she said.

Officials also are developing a training program for troops and contractors, to be distributed in November. The program will explain trafficking, department policy on it and possible legal action against violators, Abell said in a written statement.

Additionally, the military is reviewing regulations and procedures for placing off-limits those businesses where such activities take place and working with Justice Department officials to tighten rules on contractor misconduct.

Gen. Leon LaPorte, commander of the 37,000 U.S. troops in South Korea, said another initiative started on the peninsula has been to "make on-base military life a more desirable experience, and attempt to diminish the seductive appeal of many of the less wholesome off-duty pursuits."

Additional recreational opportunities

That effort includes offering expanded evening and weekend education programs, band concerts, late-night sports leagues and expanded chaplains' activities.

All new arrivals to duty in Korea are given prostitution and human-trafficking awareness and the military is working with Korean law enforcement agencies, he said.

"In spite of all these efforts, we know that there are still some U.S. service members, Department of Defense civilians and contractor personnel who may continue to contact prostitutes and, thereby, be construed as supporting human trafficking," LaPorte said.

NATO officials in July outlined new guidelines adopted to ensure alliance peacekeepers do not encourage sex trafficking gangs by seeking the services of women forced into prostitution.

The rules follows accusations from human rights groups that NATO peacekeepers and civilian staff working for international organizations had fueled the growth of sexual slavery in the Balkans.

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I imagine the band concerts will be especially popular.... 22.Sep.2004 15:16


"That effort includes offering expanded evening and weekend education programs, band concerts, late-night sports leagues and expanded chaplains' activities. "

nuts ! ! ! 22.Sep.2004 16:18


making prostitution less accessible to sex-starved soldiers..h-m-m-m...now there's a great way to drive soldiers completely crazy....thank you all very much !!!!

not what it appears 22.Sep.2004 16:33

silly nonsense

Based on the headline, I thought the article meant, "Pentagon plans to use prostitutes to punish soldiers" -- you know, Abu-Ghraib-style. That would be, like, news. This is news? I'm sure the Man will have his minions back on base and screwing each other instead of the locals in no time. Real Soon Now.

ya 22.Sep.2004 16:59

ex soldier

in some places, US troops really do contribute to human trafficing, which is bad (just in case you thought it was ok). BUT, in some parts fo the world, like the US bases in Nevada, Panama, parts of Europe, Asia, etc, prostitution is locally LEGAL, the women have civil government protection and there is no reason to cock block these troops.

On a similar note, when I was in the middle east, the army would not let me smoke a hookah with the locals. Not a hash hookah, a regular apricot and tobacco hookah. No drugs, but still illegal because it LOOKED like drug stuff.

Army rules suck.

Rape is OK with Rumsfield 22.Sep.2004 19:36


Yeah, but if you're following the news, the Pentagon seems content to just ignore the issue of female soldiers being raped in Iraq. That's just sick! It's like when Nazi Germany had its finest SS in these breeding houses where beautiful German women were forced to reproduce, so there would be new generation of super soldiers. Of course, raping a Jew was a huge offense. Not that raping a Jew was any better than forced sex and pregnancy of German women for the Reich, but it just shows how disgusting and hypocritical the Bush Administration can be.

ironic 22.Sep.2004 20:28


When the bush administration speaks, they mean the opposite. Perhaps instead of prostituion, they mean guard duty, or questioning.
If  only i could get dumbmer
If only i could get dumbmer

Oh yeah... Huh, huh. Bush is cool. 23.Sep.2004 20:39


Will the person with the great Photoshop skills please entertain us by putting Bush and Cheney's face on the DVD cover for Dumb and Dumber and Dumb and Dumberer. That would cool. Huh, huh.

Dear ex soldier 27.Sep.2004 09:01


Make a short list of the exceptionally few, mostly white European places in the world prostitution is legal.

Now make another, longer list of where US military bases are stationed.

And just one last list showing places around the world where organized rape rings have increased the past few years.

You may need some help from www.catwinternational.org to help you out with this, but I'm sure a person comforatable using the term "cock block" to refer to preventing the mostly married, mostly white US soldiers around the world from violating international law, their marriage vows, and Third World young girls' darker mouths, vaginas and anuses is up to the task.

Well, if there's government protection 24.Oct.2004 11:33


then the women MUST be there voluntarily...
Several things: First "sex-starved soldiers". Please everyone, lets stop using variations of "boys will be boys" to excuse violence against women in all of its sordid forms. The "sex-starved" excuse is just that - an excuse. Men everywhere should be insulted by the implication that they are so controlled by their penis and sex-drive that they are completely incapable of controlling their behavior. If we women made that statement, men and women everywhere would call us male-bashing neo-nazi men haters. But what, it is o.k. when a guy says it??? Bottom line - it is a lousy excuse for anything. When was the last time you saw a headline or defense that says "sex-starved woman rapes man". We seem to be able to control ourselves just fine thank you very much. Here's an idea. If you are really so sex-starved that you just can't stand it - masturbate. Second: Just because prostitution is legal doesn't mean the women are there by choice. And it doesn't mean she has "government protection." I'm pretty sure you all are real clear about the fact that government agents, police officers, military commanders etc. have been fully committed to turning a blind eye, either because they think it is o.k. or they got paid off, the the maltreatment of humans. The government protection is there to protect those who, as a rule, are violating the civil rights of humans - not those whose rights are being violated. Third: I was in the army. Spare me the rhetoric about how the poor men in the army just need to have sex and they are kept from their wives and so HAVE to turn to rape and prostitution so they can focus on doing their job better. The truth is that the Army "lets" women in because they have to, but they make it damn clear from day one that they don't like it. It is nothing less than a breeding ground for sexism - and that sexism is supported by their refusal to take action when women are discriminated against, raped, kidnapped, and/or assaulted verbally or physically. It is in fact supported by our government, so is it any wonder that both sexism and violence against women run rampant from the lowest to the highest ranking soldiers.