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Take it for granted that it's coming and that you have no idea what you will do (correctly) when it happens. When the government finally takes its mask off and shows its true nature you will still not be able to understand what is happening and much less know what to do about it. Taking to the streets is childish and stupid and that is exactly what they are finally expecting you to do and will be prepared to ship you off to a happy farm without heat.
For Americans this will be a first but it has happened before, particularly when GHW Bush was heading the CIA, in countries where the USA attempted to install fascist regimes. This is very serious business since many friends and colleagues will disappear in the mayhem that follows and, if you are a bothersome activist, you might also have an unenviable life-threatening adventure. We are dead serious about the proximity of this in the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you think that is ok and a way to get rid of troublemakers then sit back and enjoy the show. If you have matured into the mentality of an adolescent, however, this might be the test of your life coming up.

Take precautions. First realize that human life is not as valuable as you were led to believe and yours can be taken for thousands of reasons, just like Africans and Latinamericans when GHW Bush led his coups in those continents. Get a radio that picks up short wave transmissions so that you can listen to other countries about what is happening in our country - the corporate media will be the only one that exists and they will be waltzing with the military painting the most unreal picture of the coup. Do not expect to have a functioning internet and our dear indymedia will have been zapped by killer satellites. The food that you will be able to access will have been heavily contaminated with sedatives and other chemicals as will the water supply. If you fit into an arrestable profile, hide and pray. If you think that this will be the time to finally get off your fat ass and go to the streets and do something about the hell you have passibly allowed to creep into your country, you are terribly wrong because the kid gloves will be off and anyone that shows up to protest will be treated like an Arab terrorist.

What to do? Spread the word around NOW - if the bastards steal the election no one goes to work and we deal with strikebreakers violently. This is the ONLY measure that will have any effect whatsoever - if the economy comes to a grinding halt - if the furnaces are turned off, if the gas stops flowing, if the CEOs stop earning megabucks and if the government has no one to answer phones or even open doors then they might reconsider. Do not expect to be out a few days - if it does not last at least two weeks no one will really care that you stayed out for a few days. Do not expect to be able to organize this alternative when the shoe hits the floor - all means of communication will be down or controlled - so spread the word around NOW. Moreover, be sure not to be cajoled into returning by the Democrats or Greens or Ralph or anyone whom they will undoubtedly get to come on TV and say that everything has been settled and we can return. They will try anything at that point but unless you are really stupid and are ready to believe them again. Remember if they win this time you have just sealed your fate and that of you children and grandchildren into the hands of American fascism for decades. Finally, stay away from the mass media. They have never been on your side but they definitely will not be with you now no matter what they say.
Is this guy talking of a national strike? 22.Sep.2004 18:59


This makes sense and would bring the bastards to their knees - why did we not do this the last time when they stole the 2000 election? Well, never too late...

GENERAL NATIONAL STRIKE!! This is a good idea!!!!! 23.Sep.2004 10:32


There is little time - can we count on any big names not to betray us in organizing it? I dont think so... but we should all just agree to not show up to work starting Wednesday Nov. 3

Bolivia got rid of their pig president that way one year ago! 23.Sep.2004 12:49


and, if Im not mistaking, they got rid of a narcodictator put in by papabush exactly the same way 22 years ago. The elite can handle anything we dish out except a work stoppage!! They freak out at the thought of it!