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NCOR 2005 Call for Proposals

Call for workshop proposals for the 2005 National Conference on Organized Resistance
FEBRUARY 3-6, 2005!

The National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) has happened each January in Washington, DC at American University for the last 7 years. It has served as a vibrant meeting space for radical activists of all varieties. There have also been countless amazing workshops, discussions, skillshares and more. Each year NCOR has gotten a little bigger and hopefully a little better. But it has also gotten a little, dare we say it, predictable? You know which friends you'll see, your favorite old standard workshops from years past—familiar faces and themes. This year we want to shake things up. Forward this call to a group that's doing work that inspires you, especially if they've never come to NCOR. Come up with a way to get a crowded room full of people talking about how to create the structures needed dismantle capitalism, and then submit a proposal.

You've got an hour and a half and a bunch of committed, crazy, cool activists. Tell us what you're going to do with these two powerful items in 1-2 pages. The more challenging the better. Please provide as many concrete details as possible of what you envision for your workshop and plan on at least 50 people attending (unless you want to cap it).

What we do want
*People of color strongly encouraged to submit proposals. This is not just the standard line. We are actively seeking the participation of individual presenters or groups of color. We are also enthusiastically looking for submissions from those voices that have often been marginalized or underrepresented in our radical conferences, our media and our most visible movement events. (older folks, disabled, genderqueer, etc.)
*Advanced workshops, beyond just the basics.
*Long-term movement strategizing and critiques.
*Workshops in which participants have chances to make connections with each other (think beyond the lecture format, or lecture and a few token questions and answers).

What we don't want
*Authoritarian groups... yuck!

Send your name, your group's name (if you're with a group), full contact information, one reference and a short biography/description of yourself or your group.
E-mail it all to  ncor@mutualaid.org or snail mail to NCOR, P.O. Box 33977, Washington, DC 20033.
Deadline: October 31, 2004 (we mean it!)

This year's NCOR will take place from February 3-6 at American University in Washington, DC. A president will have been inaugurated in the same city a few weeks before, so it will be an important moment for our movement to regroup regardless of who is elected. We will strategize for 2005 and beyond and continue to build towards a future beyond electoral politics and protest hopping. We hope that all of you will come. Check out the website at www.organizedresistance.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.organizedresistance.org