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She is Always with Soldiers

Anniversary of the Passing of Commmander Kim Jong Suk
She is Always with Soldiers

The 55th death anniversary of Kim Jong Suk, who is looked up to as an anti-Japanese woman hero by the Korean people, is drawing nearer.

Now the Korean Peoples¡¯ hearts surges strong yearning for Kim Jong Suk who devoted all she possessed solely for the President Kim Il Sung and the revolution and for the country and the bright future.

Her life was not long and the following stories are told of her.

One autumn day in Juche 36 (1947), an official found Kim Jong Suk engrossed in drawing something, sitting at a table. So he asked her what picture she was drawing. Wearing a smile on her face, she replied, ¡°I am now thinking of a design of the colors which the army units will carry at their head in the forthcoming military parade.¡±

A few days later, Kim Jong Suk discussed about the design with President Kim Il Sung till late at night with young Kim Jong Il at her side.

The design she discussed with the President that unforgettable night has become the colors of the north Korean People¡¯s Army.

Since then the colors fluttered in the van whenever the KPA soldiers were rushing at the enemy in the fierce Korean War and at the square where a military parade was held in celebration of victory in the war and in other places where reviews of troops took place in peaceful days.

Personally doing embroidery on the colors stitch by stitch she stressed, ¡°Our army will become the most powerful army and it will always shake the world as an ever-victorious revolutionary army.¡±

Every standard of the KPA is associated with her noble intention.

The Korean people vividly remember the anti-Japanese woman general who was taking meticulous care of the soldiers¡¯ life. Looking back upon the deep love she had shown for them the officers and men of the north Korean People¡¯s Army are moved to tears.

Kim Jong Suk visited a factory on several occasion for the production of military uniform and put her heart and soul into this work.

Once she spent all night to make a sample of soldier¡¯s knapsack.

When some officials put forward an erroneous view that soldiers of the People¡¯s Army live on bread, she flatly turned it down and admonished them to provide the soldiers with rice meal according to the custom of the Koreans.

Even when the matters of file training and military uniform were raised she put forward the correct orientation, saying that everything should be done in Korean way to suit the constitution of the Koreans.

On a visit to army barracks she said that soldiers could give themselves over to military training only when they suffered no inconvenience and helped them in their work, rolling up her sleeves.

Saying that dependents of military personnel are wives of revolutionaries who are at the post of national defense, she taught them the secret of her good marksmanship.

Indeed, the history of revolutionary army-building in north Korea can hardly be thinkable apart from her activities.

That is why the KPA soldiers feel great yearning for her.

They think of Kim Jong Suk whenever they march with standards flying at their head, put on their uniforms, take up arms at the training ground, sleep at the barracks or sit at table. She is ever in the minds of soldiers.
And then..... 22.Sep.2004 08:11

Dear Leader

And then she saw the horrible image of Emmanuel Goldstein and the two minutes hate commenced. There was much cursing and gnashing of teeth. She followed this up with reporting some enemies of the state to her local authorities and joined the Junior Anti-Sex League.

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