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Counterpunch is down! is it the CIA????

i just went to get my daily dose of anti-Kerry truth-telling at counterpunch.org, and it was down! is it the CIA?
not to panic or anything...
Oh my god 20.Sep.2004 12:00


Holy fuck!! Counterpunch is down!! Taken out by a left hook!!

so stupid! 20.Sep.2004 12:01

in the know

everbody knows it's the FBI that takes down sites, not the CIA. stupid fuck.

Could be the CIA! 20.Sep.2004 12:06

Or the office of homeland Security

Or the KKK.
Same thing I know!

shut up! 20.Sep.2004 12:13

another reader

i'm so sick of people posting here in a hyperventilating blather everytime some lefy site goes down, saying it must be the gov't. have you ever heard of crashed servers? software updates? jeffrey st. clair tripping across the power cord in his house and accidentally turning the thing off? c'mon, folks!

Oh Boy... 20.Sep.2004 12:21


Oh my god the internet is down! The Internet is down! I can't get to anything.com! The internet is down. Oh wait my cable's just uplugged. Take a chill pill people...

uh, it's up for me 20.Sep.2004 12:27

radical surfer boy

it's up when i go there. top headline, "A Yom Kippur Reflection: The New Cult of the Temple", By URI AVNERY. and, "reader", it looks like you get your anti-Kerry fix with Dave Lindorff's "How Dems Fight: Tigers Against Nader, Pussycats Against Bush".

can we all get back to our day now?

Ha! It worked! 20.Sep.2004 12:29

reader (the original poster)

i knew Counterpunch would come back up if i posted a rumour here about the CIA shutting it down. works every time. thanks, indymedia!

Who cares? 20.Sep.2004 12:45


Mostly just angry drivel coming from Countercrap so who really cares?

To Err is Human 20.Sep.2004 13:58

David Roknich

if the site had been "attacked" it would more likely be defaced or redirect. I know. Mine has been hit by right wing morons. BUTHuman error is still the most common reason for computer failures, network outages, bad DNS, and disappearing websites.

To err is human, check back and if they're not up, download their precious stories from the google cache.


would not put it past 'em 20.Sep.2004 14:22


It's highly a-likely that a-site coulda been a-ttacked as you say, and coulda been a-down for a-while...it is possible that these things a-happen, and it ain't nothin' that nobody should be a-surprised about...but if you're talkin' CIA or somthin' like that, the MO so to speak would be more a-dramatic and would a-involve a-kitten stompin' or such along those lines...

as George would say 20.Sep.2004 18:51


The primary use of conversation is to satisfy the impulse to talk.
--George Santayana

has anyone called al gore? 21.Sep.2004 04:21


he probably put in a means to fix this; back when he invented the internet.