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Green Presidential Ticket to visit Oregon

On separate visits, both David Cobb and Patricia LaMarche will make campaign visits to Oregon in early October.
For immediate release: September 20, 2004

Contact: Blair Bobier, Media Director at 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596


David Cobb and Pat LaMarche, the Green Party's presidential and vice presidential candidates, will make separate visits to Oregon in early October.

LaMarche, a radio broadcaster, nonprofit foundation director and single mother of two, will be in Portland on October 1 as part of her two week long "Left Out Tour," in which LaMarche will sleep in a dozen homeless shelters and on the streets to highlight the challenges facing people living on the margins of society. LaMarche is also using the tour to raise donations of needed items---such as blankets and children's books-for shelters.

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will be in Portland and Corvallis on October 4. Cobb will hold a press conference in Portland, meet with The Oregonian and Willamette Week for endorsement interviews, meet with supporters and hold other events still to be announced. That evening, Cobb will be the featured speaker at the "Rock and Register" event in Corvallis, at the Odd Fellows Hall, from 7-11 p.m. Several local bands will play and local Pacific Green Party candidates will join Cobb in speaking. People who register to vote at the event or who present a voter registration card will be admitted at a discounted rate.

Interviews with Pat LaMarche can be arranged by contacting Marnie Glickman at 503.313.7919. To schedule an interview with David Cobb, contact Blair Bobier, Cobb-LaMarche Media Coordinator, at 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596.

For more information about the Cobb-LaMarche campaign, see www.votecobb.org. Information about the Green Party of the United States can be found at www.gp.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

So much for the safe states strategy! 20.Sep.2004 15:07


Hopefully this will shut up the bitter Naderites who have continually misstated David Cobb's strategy as being something it is not in an effort to portray the Greens in a negative light.

Oregon is a swing state.
Cobb will be campaigning in Oregon.

The question for Naderites is.....

How does that constitute a safe state strategy?


right 20.Sep.2004 15:31


"This year, Cobb will concentrate on building the party and supporting local candidates in the 35 to 40 states where the convolutions of our system make a vote for him 'safe.'"
- Xander Patterson

"One of the key steps to growing our party and eliminating a dangerous global threat is ensuring the removal of George W. Bush from office. Bush is a huge problem. But he is not the problem. The problem is a corporate-military-industrial-prison-judicial system that is destroying the planet. We need to address the larger problem, but we also need to remove the most immediate threat to global peace—and that means getting Bush out of office."
- David Cobb

It sucks how much progress the greens are going to lose this year. Oh well, actions have consequences.

support local green 20.Sep.2004 22:02

dicretion ?

w = 666

r = war

d = r ?

g = r = nader ?

suggestions for LaMarche 21.Sep.2004 01:33


I've been the operations manager for both a battered women's shelter and a homeless shelter. I have to question the judgement of the managers of the shelters that would permit a politician to take up a precious bedspace in their shelter, in clear violation of all normal funding requirements and stipulations (including block grants and other taxpayer money which should never be used to support any political candidate's campaign). They are probably violating FEC rules as well as their own funding requirements.

Rather than go sleep there in place of someone who really needs the bed, LaMarche should volunteer at each shelter for an awake overnight shift, then a day shift, or an evening shift then an awake overnight shift, as shelter workers often have to do.

And I also wonder how the managers of these domestic violence shelters intend to maintain the confidentiality of the locations of their shelters while providing LaMarche with the opportunities for press coverage she is obviously seeking with her ill-advised publicity stunts. If LaMarche had any sense of responsibility, she would stick to public shelters and stay away from the confidential sites, which she really has no right or reason to learn the location of anyhow. In the confidential shelters I have worked at, we didn't reveal the location to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary to process a particular resident's case we were working on, and only with the resident's consent. That is normal operating procedure for a domestic violence shelter. One inadvertent slip-up could cost a woman and her children their lives.

And as for shampoo, etc., I found there are usually plenty of donations of toiletry from hotels and other industry sources, and certainly way too many bags of clothes to sort through -- with the exception of clean and wearable undergarments of all sizes but especially larger sizes, good not worn-out shoes, and comfortable plus-size wear (the closets full of petite garments you get donated to shelters by the SUV-full is just staggering). Towels are helpful too.

I would suggest that people donate money, though. But not to the shelters that are participating in these unwise and potentially illegal campaign contributions to the Cobb/Lamarche ticket, because they are not spending their money or resources in a responsible manner. Contribute to other shelters that are well-run enough to refuse this sort of misappropriation of funds and reckless endangerment of their residents.

my apologies to LaMarche and partial retraction 21.Sep.2004 01:44


I see now that LaMarche is not sleeping in domestic violence shelters. I retract my criticism of her and dv shelter managers involved in receiving donations via her campaign, in regard to the charge of endangerment of residents.

I stand by my criticism of homeless shelter management for agreeing to expend funds, especially specifically earmakred taxpayer funds, and provide a bed, in support of a political campaign.

Wait - she IS sleeping in DV shelters! 21.Sep.2004 01:55


I retract my apology and reinstate my criticism of reckless endangerment of DV Survivors by LaMarche and DV shelter management.

I knew I read it somewhere. Here it is right in the press release for her Left Out Tour campaign. She is sleeping in domestic violence shelters:

"The tour will start on September 21 in Augusta, Maine, where the Governor's Council on Affordable Housing will be meeting, and end in Cleveland, Ohio, October 4, on the evening prior to the vice presidential debate. In between those dates, LaMarche will crisscross the country sleeping in homeless and domestic violence shelters and in a tent across from the Rhode Island Statehouse."

shut the fuck up 21.Sep.2004 04:48


No matter what P. LaMarche does on her campaign, it is not going to satisfy you and your desire to criticize. It would probably have been better to volunteer for a shift, maybe so...but here is a candidate making an effort to connect with people in settings most politicians only read about.

I'm still looking for the photo ops from Bush, Kerry, and Nader, dolling out the ladle of soup for the down and out. We haven't gotten that yet, though I guess Kerry is promising a few more crumbs to the peasants if he's elected.

Support The Greens One Way Or Another 21.Sep.2004 11:00

Mistletoe Angel

In this crucial time where we must make sacrifices while also making sure the progressive voice is heard, I ask you all this.

First, as far as the presidency is concerned, this is a crucial time, which the outcome will either be this will be a democracy beyond just a name or a democracy in name only. The fact is, this is a two-way race. Do the math, and I think you can easily see who you must vote for, who will represent the former outcome. Support Kerry for presidency.

Secondly, support third-party candidates like Greens and Libertarians in other positions, such as City Council. Make sure they have a platform to run on so by the time 2008 approaches, we can take the next step and make sure democracy continues to be restored to its organic form.

Let the voice shine.

Noah Eaton

Do not vote for the Democrats 21.Sep.2004 11:23


It is ridiculus to think that by continually voting for Democrats you will ever change America. Voting in Kerry only replaces Bush-war with more war from Kerry.

As long as they continue to receive votes they will never learn.