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Drug addicts and RV Parks in Northwest updated

As life unfolds in this park, the drug addicts have switched their MO from the 80-something chevy truck to a less noticeable mode of transportation a midsized ford sedan and no noise coming from them. Although their creepy friends seem to stop by after the sun goes down.
Since I posted the article here on Indymedia not long ago, these two pill poping drugies have managed to switch vehicles as not to draw more attention to them since this current vehicle is quite.

Fed-ex sure likes to stop at their trailer alot lately, I'm guessing that the drug of choice (Oxycotin) is not arriving like it use too? Three times this last week! I'm guessing that the firat delivery, wasn't what they wanted so they jumped in that noisey truck and went to see their doctor. Sure enough, the next day fed-ex shows up and they still didn't get the preferred drug from their doctor. So off they go again to see their doctor and the next day fed-ex shows up again. Then they decide to go into hiding for the next few days cause I'm guessing they didn't get their preferred drug of choice (Oxycotin).

When they decided to return, they came in after dark, hiding from everyone here at the park. Some of their creepy friends showed up too, but well after the sun went down in the west. Don't know what they might have been up to but one thing is sure they are still living here using up threee RV sites between their creepy friends and themselves.

Where are they getting their money from and how is it that drug addicts seem to fall between the llines and not be arrested? They don't work, so where are they getting the money to live on? I don't think they filed for umemployment cause they were fired for stealing from the owner? They try to intemidate everyone here in this RV Park and no one seems to call them on it? The useage of three RV sites when they are only renting one is making a statement about how they try to control everyone here!

Well, that's about it for now, will keep you updated as things develope here at the RV park in good old Western Washington!
thanks for your story! 20.Sep.2004 18:51


This is great. Thanks for your reporting. This is the stuff that good old fashioned investigative journalism is made of.