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2 Tacoma Men Accused Of Killing A Dog With Bow And Arrow Found Guilty

Pierce County prosecutors charged two men with first-degree animal cruelty Friday, accusing them of killing a dog with a bow and arrow after tying it to a tree. About 50 animal welfare activists filled the courtroom in Tacoma where two men are on trail.
Troy Loney Is A Killer
Troy Loney Is A Killer
Protesters hold signs outside the court hearing
Protesters hold signs outside the court hearing
Steven Paulson Is A Killer
Steven Paulson Is A Killer
Twenty-year-old Steven Paulson and 18-year-old Troy Loney are each charged with one count of the felony.

Investigators allege that on March 8, they roped the dog, probably a Siberian husky, to a tree near Wilkeson Elementary School and shot it "numerous times" using a bow and one arrow.

A witness said the men took turns and shot the dog at least 10 times. Prosecutors said that after the dog died, the men threw its body into Wilkeson Creek.

If convicted, the two men could face maximum prison sentences of five years and fines of $10,000, although sentencing guidelines for a first offense call for less jail time.

Police said Paulson is the son of Wilkeson Mayor Doug Paulson.

Posted: Sep 1, 2004 - 5:54 PM

The trial began Tuesday for Loney and Paulson, accused of killing a dog with a bow and arrow. They are charged with first-degree animal cruelty. If convicted of the felony in Pierce County Superior Court, the men could face a maximum year in prison.

About 50 animal welfare activists filled the courtroom in Tacoma where two men are on trail. Carpools were arranged by the group "Pasado's Safe Haven," which is demanding jail time for the two.

According to court papers, Loney and Paulson tied a stray Siberian husky to a tree near Wilkeson Elementary School. The men are accused of shooting the dog with a bow and arrow, removing the arrow and repeating the act 10 times before dumping the dog's body into Wilkeson Creek. The body was not recovered.

Lawyers for the two men say that there must be significant suffering before a felony charge is warranted and that the pair had no intention of torturing the dog.

Loney has said the dog was thin and mangy and they put it out of its misery.

Paulson's lawyer, Philip Bolland, contends the prosecutor's office did not have enough facts to support a felony animal cruelty charge. Deputy Prosecutor Dennis Ashman said the method the men chose to kill the dog ensured it would suffer unduly.
Source: KIRO-TV - August 31, 2004

Posted: Sep 2, 2004 - 10:47 PM

A Pierce County judge declared two men guilty of felony animal cruelty Thursday afternoon.

Superior Court Judge Thomas Felnagle said that Troy Loney of Tacoma and Steven Paulson of Wilkeson were inconsistent and lacked credibility in their explanation of why they killed a stray Siberian Husky last spring.

The defendants were led away in handcuffs. "Happy trails," someone whispered in the crowded courtroom.

They tied the dog to a tree and killed it with a bow and arrow on March 8 near Wilkeson Elementary School. Prosecutors said they reused the same arrow at least twice. Loney said they shot the dog twice to put it down after they couldn't find a home for it, using two separate arrows and a hunting bow.

The men, who waived their right to a jury trial, will be sentenced in Felnagle's courtroom Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. They face one year in prison.
Source: The News Tribune - Sept 2, 2004
(But they should face their whole life in prison and get psycological help.)

homepage: homepage: http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/2102

Fair is fair 19.Sep.2004 13:46

can we

tie twenty-year-old Steven Paulson and 18-year-old Troy Loney to trees and .
get some thin and mangy dogs? Why arn't these american boys in Iraq killing humans?

Just Another Case Of Animal Abuse Carried Out By A White Male 19.Sep.2004 15:17


This stands to reconfirm my theory of balls and siver platters.

Pretty normal behavior for small town jocks 19.Sep.2004 16:07

red suspenders

I don't know why all of us coffee shop intelectuals are suprised by this sort of activity. It's pretty normal dumb jock behavior. Years ago when I worked at a sawmill near Corvallis we had one young gentleman who was fresh from the Thurston High (Springfield- remember kip kinkel) wrestling team. I remember him talking all about what fun they had one day clobbering squirells with golf clubs.
I'm not trying to defend these folks- it is shocking, horrible behavior. However what the hell do you think these guys are going to learn in jail over the next year? Incarceration rarely if ever rehabilitates anyone. They'll come out hating the world and wanting to hurt people too.

A better idea would be to make these bozos do community service at the humane society for a year or so, and closely watch them for anti-social behavior.

Can't understand why they do what they do 19.Sep.2004 16:46

Del in Salem

Red Suspenders: perhaps you can shed some light onto a question that I have been pondering for many years. What is it inside of, typically, young,white males that move to them to cause such suffering to innocent creatures. What do they get out of taking a defenseless dog, which they themselves tied to a tree and repeatedly shoot it with arrows until it dies or clubbing squirrels with golf clubs. What is inside these males that make them full of such hate and anger that they take it out on innocent animals or even humans. If you have the answer please enlighten me and others.

aminal abuses on the rise 19.Sep.2004 17:20

left out larry

I've been noticing a spate of animal abuse cases in news lately--alot in the metro area in particular. There was a man who stomped a kitten to death in Washougal, some people threw some kittens out a window by the Fremont bridge, a man pulled a dog on a rope attached to a car in SE somewhere...they just keep popping up...its as if a new LOW in human behavior has RISEN to to the top...its as if the world was turned upside down...and shooken...is this what it means to be a NATIVE of the Pacific Northwest?

Send them to IRAq 19.Sep.2004 18:04

nucking Futs

Those Kids would make great soldiers. We need people like that to do the good works our country demands. Dont send them to prison just let the be happy american killers finding joy in thier labor...
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers

HELP NEEDED 19.Sep.2004 19:48


nucking futs,you are as twisted and sick as those who torture and kill the innocent animals.get yourself some help.weren't you ever taught that two wrongs do not make a right?

to del in salem 19.Sep.2004 20:44

red suspenders

I really don't know what causes it. I've got as many dumb guesses as the other guy. It is common, and around here it is usually white males- maybe it's a white male thing but maybe it's becuase that's mostly who lives around here. It does seem to be a rural rather than urban thing. My comment is only on the "punishment" meted out by an apparently shocked and disgusted judge (most anyone with ethier a heart, or a brain would be and angry, disgusted) Anger, sadness and disgust are certainly my feelings about these things. No "shock" or "suprise" though. My comment is only directed towards what the judge could to to reduce instead of increase the hazard these folks present to "society" My opinion, of whatever limited value it may be, is that these two guys would present less of a hazard after a year of weekends caring for sick and suffering animals than they would after a year of learning all kinds of new skills and ideas in a correctional institution.

motivation of a hate crime 19.Sep.2004 20:44

White Lilac

Del in Salem -

Don't have the answer but you might want to read Derrick Jensen's 'The Culture of Make Believe.' It helped me learn more about what it means to hate and more about what a hate crime really is.

I have no idea if the dog truly needed to be put down or not, but even if it didn't, I don't think this behavior is shocking or even aberrant. I grew up in a rural area where, vet fees being what they are and distances to a clinic being an hour or more, when your pet neared the end of its life or was afflicted with something that would prevent it from dying peacefully, it was your job to put it out of its misery, using whatever method you thought was best. My neighbors and relatives commonly delivered such euthanasia by means of a gun or (in the case of one guy who was into archery) a bow + arrow.

I think it's painful, cruel and inhumane to use a bow + arrow, but compare this idea with the feature about the 80 y/o grandmother who let her horses starve for fear she'd go to jail if she asked for help. How many puppies have drowned, kittens been smashed, and unwanted pets killed because someone lacked resources to take care of the pet or provide necessary care? Maybe asking for help never happens because that means admitting you are unable to get the job done. So it was common to just shoot or otherwise 'get rid of' unwanted animals, even if young and perfectly healthy.

There's an element of ultimate control in these cases that is rarely discussed. We would rather think of abu-gharib as a horrible atrocity, and this killing as a tragedy performed by perverted individuals, than to face the unnerving idea that, faced with a similar environment and circumstances, we might do the same thing ourselves. The notion that we have license to assume control over another, even ultimate control to the extent of restraining an animal and watching it flinch and cry in terror as its flesh becomes repeatedly skewered by arrows, powerless to escape the pain even to point of death, is very powerful and compelling. There is a sexual and clinical immediacy involved in these cases that ... dare I say it ... can be pleasurable to some. Rather than ignore or repress this notion, I accept it as part of the human psyche and am trying to figure out how we can shape conditions to minimize such events from occurring. (Although I suppose in the world of s&m you want to maximize these imbalances ... but I don't know what I'm talking about there!)

A key seems to be avoiding power imbalances, but that wouldn't have any effect here, as there is an inherent physical power imbalance between a weak dog and a 20 y/o male with a bow. Another key seems to involve respect and societal norms: presumably, these men would not have killed the 80 y/o grandmother referenced above, even if she needs to be 'put out of her misery.' If the men respected the dog as much as the grandmother (definitely NOT a social norm), we'd likely have a different outcome here. If our soldiers respected Iraqis as much as they do each other, we'd likely have a different outcome at abu-gharib too.

Rather than condemn these men, I suspect they have lived through some traumatic experience or have been taught or conditioned to be unfeeling. I can't wish that on anyone and I hope they are able to find the identity, sexual security, social acceptance or whatever it is they are missing in order to prevent them from committing even worse acts in the future. If we only show sympathy towards the deceased animal, we're sending the message that these men don't matter and that we don't care about them. Perhaps some of us truly don't care about them ... but at a minimum that attitude denies the reality that these men will be in contact with animals again soon and thus need help.

red suspenders is right on ... have them work at the humane society or shelter. That's a sentence that is closely tied to their crime and has as much of a chance as anything to get them to turn around.

Dr. - ever heard of sarcasm?

Too many classifications! 19.Sep.2004 21:13


- "What is it inside of, typically, young,white males that move to them to cause such suffering to innocent creatures." -

What is it inside of people that cause them to classify others by age, race and gender?

Race, gender and length of earthly experience are not the cause of these things. I'm sure these two don't come from privileged homes either. Should we then ask why it is the working class or the poor who seem commonly involved in nefarious acts? No. The answer lies not in class, race, gender, age, nor any other inherited stereotype, but in lack of education and deficient role models.

Sick Society 20.Sep.2004 09:43


doesn't surprise me considering the trend to poison dogs in Portland and the people that sympathize with this crap. So much for the civilized Pacific NW.

I guess If you do the crime, you can do the time 20.Sep.2004 10:09

Rin Tin

One year for this crime?
This is less than a slap on the wrist.
These are some mentally ill adults.
I don't agree that being sent to prison will make these scum criminals. THEY ALREADY ARE!
If they are mental, then send them to the proper facility, but One Year?

Punishment for crimes against animals never fits the crime it self.

When this scum gets out (probably less than a year) they will continue their moranic ways.

Explanation Needed 20.Sep.2004 20:55


So Crixus,as you see it,only the uneducated are capable of animal abuse and torture?Thats a rather interesting generalization on your part especially considering you don't think people who commit crimes against animals can be categorized.Then please explain how the researchers at facilities such as OHSU,many of whom hold numerous degrees,are capable of exploiting,abusing,torturing and killing so very many animals?

This Was Not Euthanasia 20.Sep.2004 20:56

Get Serious

White Lilac wrote: "I have no idea if the dog truly needed to be put down or not, but even if it didn't, I don't think this behavior is shocking or even aberrant. I grew up in a rural area where, vet fees being what they are and distances to a clinic being an hour or more, when your pet neared the end of its life or was afflicted with something that would prevent it from dying peacefully, it was your job to put it out of its misery, using whatever method you thought was best. My neighbors and relatives commonly delivered such euthanasia by means of a gun or (in the case of one guy who was into archery) a bow + arrow."

You're not shocked? You actually approved of some guy dispatching a domestic animal using a bow and arrow when guns, injections, or swinging a maul would be far more humane and probably as accessible?

These boys had no right to kill the dog for any reason. The article described it as a "stray". It did not belong to them. If they were taking it around trying to find a home for it, it was obviously not terminally ill or incapable of movement. They could have chosen to let the dog go on its way or taken it to an animal shelter (where the dog's owner's might have made contact and be looking for it). They apparently did neither.

Shooting an animal repeatedly with arrows to kill it is sort of like trying to commit suicide by paring the skin off of an arm until you hit an artery. Sounds like something they did because they were bored and simply wondered how long it would take an animal shot with arrows to die.

You can't equate the behavior of ranchers and farmers dealing humanely with elderly or ailing stock with this incident. This wasn't euthanasia, it was sport.

Having said that, I agree that closely supervised community service might do these two more good than a year in prison. But they could use some heavy duty counseling as well.

must qualify my statement 21.Sep.2004 10:05


did not mean to infer that the PACNW was all uncivil. I was just pissed off at these acts of animal cruelty. We just have our share of a**holes.

Great Post 21.Sep.2004 12:59


Get Serious - Your post speaks volumes. Thanx for sharing your thoughts.

To: me 21.Sep.2004 13:01


You mean ASSHOLES!!!! GO AHEAD, SAY IT!!! Cause they are white assholes and murderers. These guys look like the same kind of people I went to school with. White, loggin, tippin cows, stupid hicks.
There, I said it! And it felt really good!!!!! Damn Bastards :)

Explanation Accorded 21.Sep.2004 14:26


Well, first I explicitly stated inherited stereotypes, so those classifications against which I am railing are those that one is born with, or into. I believe that this excludes education level. I don't take issue with categorization in general, it is a necessary function of the human brain; it is, however, the misuse of categorization that so agitates me. That is to say that I do not presume any correlation between a person's race, gender, age or class, and the abuse of animals or any crime. Neither, for that matter, do I believe that there is now, nor ever will be, any proof to that end.

Second, while it may be that a person carries a degree, it in no sense excludes them from lacking education. No one can know everything. You might have noted that I also offered deficient role models as an explanation, which cannot be overlooked regardless of education. There is a reason that the people your speaking of do bad things, they weren't born that way, they learned it, and probably not in a classroom. Education is often the best weapon against poor conditioning, however just because one gains a degree at a university doesn't imply that they learned anything good, or useful.

Hey Cappie, put a cork in...uh...it, and learn to spell! 01.Oct.2004 19:21

Patrick Miller, Seattle WA, just in case

You know what, Cappie, you totally saved those "boys" live's with your ignorant and brain dead commentary attaching their behavior to their nuts. It's chix like you that give dykes a bad name! I got's 'em, I like's 'em, and the fact that I am XY has no bearing on my behavior! Let's be real...sublimation of homosexual tendencies is the real problem here!! These guys are on your team, grrl, y'all just didn't instruct them!! Shooting arrows into something tied down, together, did anyone check their shorts? Doug Paulson really ought to have lubed his kid's asshole before fucking it, I'm sure it would have saved the pup, but DO NOT, NOT FOR A MINUTE!!! DON'T MISTAKE THIS FOR THE WAY MEN ACT!! Fuck you and your bullshit attachement, Cappie, you don't know shit about men. I am one, and I would kill and die before allowing that kind of serial killer practice in my presence. Please, feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss this more.