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The Smell of Donuts

How I found out I'd be a cop.

The Smell of Donuts

It was 11:00 AM when I got the note from my teacher telling me to report to the guidance counselor - something about that aptitude test we took - so I left class and started walking to the guidance counselor's office and while I was on the way I spotted this nerdy kid with books so I slammed his head into a row of lockers. I think I broke his glasses, the weak little fuck cried and you should have seen the blood stain on the handle of the last locker in the row. I continued on my way to the guidance counselor's office when I saw Mary Jane in that short miniskirt making her way down the hall and as I passed I copped a feel of her breast, she was pissed and told me she'd report me but I knew deep down inside she wanted me. On the way I passed the cafeteria and there was this smell. I think it was the smell of donuts but I'm not sure and for a moment I forgot where I was going. I kept thinking of donuts: big donuts, little donuts, jelly filled donuts, crullers and donut holes when it hit me that I was on my way to the guidance counselor's office and that I was now late. I regained my sense of direction, took a left and found the door which read "men's room" so I went in and sat at a stall and drew pictures of naked babes on the wall and while I was jerking off at one of the pictures I had drawn I remembered that I was on my way to the guidance counselor's office, so I pulled up my pants and ran out as fast as I could. Finally I reached the guidance counselor's door and opened it. I expected that he would be angry since I was late but he wasn't, he just said something like, "I'm impressed you found your way here." So I sat down and something felt wet and I realized then that I had forgotten to wipe my ass but it was too late and maybe no one would notice anyway. The guidance counselor starting using big words that I did not understand but it was something about my aptitude test, something about being border-line retarded or something, I'm not sure I remember but then the really great thing happened and told me that I could be a cop.

Officer Brown 19.Sep.2004 13:42

fot the record

not all cops need to wipe, some shed their skin about twice a year.

very good there... 19.Sep.2004 16:03


passed the minimum standards for Portland Police Bureau. All you need now is a
loaded gun and a big badge with a blue uniform...then you set for life!