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wild oats picket in Ohio/show solidarity by picketing your local wild oats

meet at detour cafe right across the street.

for official picket posters go to:
Please bring homemade signs as well.

If we can get 6-12 people to show up for a few hours to show solidarity with wild oats worker.
it's time to show solidarity with the workers at wild oats

picket division street wild oats @ 1pm.

meet across the street at the detour cafe.

bring homemade posters or print flyers @ www.cincyiww.com

goal is to get between 6-12 people.

make it more obvious 19.Sep.2004 18:44


Why is Ohio picketing? More info would be helpful....please don't assume everyone on this website is aware of your struggle!

www.cincyiww.com 19.Sep.2004 19:47

show solidarity with wild oats employees

first, read www.cincyiww.com
print out flyers and make signs in support of Ohio wild oats employees who are trying to unionize in Cininati.
three, take a few hours out of your busy saturday schedule and meet other like minded food/worker activists at the detour cafe(directly across the street from the wild oats on 30th and division) around 1pm.

simple enough, ehh?

again 19.Sep.2004 21:02


If you want people to show up to your event...information is crucial!

The correct website address would help too


I'm Brian Rohter and I approve of this Message 19.Sep.2004 23:59

Brian Rohter

I'm Brian Rohter and I approve of this Message.

P.S. I'll fuck any piss ant IWW up, down and sideways.

check with the local IWW first. 21.Sep.2004 20:21

ian wallace

people should probably check with the local IWW before taking any action in the portland area. the contact number is 503-321-5488. leave a message if you don't get through to some one.

New Season's 7 vs Wildoats 4 23.Sep.2004 16:52

Brian Rohten brianrohten@newtreasons.fu

I really would'nt worry about picketing wildoats or bothering with any form of boycott. We NEW SEASON'S are the new natural food chain in town and we are going to make tofu scramble and send them packing back to Colorado, although I haven't figured what to do about all the local workers that will be laid off. Guess I'll just have to open more and more stores for them to work at, although then more businesses will be forced out of business.Oh well that's the price of being "The freindliest Store In Town". We just announced our 7th store out in Cedar Hills.I'm opening this one because the bike ride to seven corners is to short from my Mt Tabor retreat, so I thought I could get more exercise riding over to cedar hills. Plus Wildoats is trying to open a super store out there and my boss Mr Amy wants them buried. But now Wholefoods is moving in, too close to our seven corners store up on Sandy in the Hollywood District. Maybe it's time for us to go public and start moving out of Portland,USA here we come "The Friendliest Store In America".Let's see the union try and take us on now, you remember what we did to the Portland IWW when they tried organizing at Nature's, that right we sold it to GNC...hahahaha....Yours/ Brian Rohten