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Another 34 horses and Llamas found straved and severely neglected in Junction CityOregon.

34 Horses and Llamas found starved and neglected on Junction City, Oregon farm-AGAIN!
Two days ago another farm was found with horses up to their knees in their
own waste, trapped in stalls. The 80 year old woman who owned the farm was could
no longer care for them. She claimed she thought she would be jailed if founbd out.
So her choice, I guess, was to hope they'd just slowly die there?

If you know of a cat, dog or small animal that is being abused or neglected
please, please report the situation to my first choice-a local animal welfare-
shelter and start there and then approach animal control so they can be monitored as to how they handle the case. (My personal opinion.)For large animals call Hooves & Halos (503) 504-0935 or 388-0170.  http://www.hoovesandhalos.org

Once my rage at these people subsided a little I began to think that these people
also need help and who knows how many more situations such as this exist in Oregon?
Horses are expensive to keep and daily clean-out of stalls is required along with fresh water and feed.

I think it is time to petition the state to form a group
of volunteers to begin regular inspections of farms that house large animals.
I don't think the animal control is staffed sufficiently.
These volunteers can be trained to do friendly but firm inspections by the
animal control staff themselves and given picture identification cards.

Licensing farms that house large animals-nominal fees-could be put in a
reserve fund for vet expenses that farms could apply for when they are
unable to afford such care.

Just some ideas.In a depressed economy we will see more and more
of these cases.

Is animal cruelty a felony in Oregon? If not it should be.

And yes..I would consider slaughtering animals for food a felony as well
but that is protected as commerce for now.
Thanks For Reporting but need more info................. 19.Sep.2004 12:50

beagle cases@pet-abuse.com

Can anyone get some more info? What is this woman's name? When is her court date? How did you find this info out? Let's follow this case too and I agree we need to have a group that randomly checks on horses/big animals. If there was a group that was on top of this then we can prevent animals getting to the "really bad" stage. But we NEED more info and when you get more info post it here and send it to:  cases@pet-abuse.com. Thanxs :)

These are great ideas, but . . . 19.Sep.2004 13:28

a friend

These are great ideas, but the NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance, I think), a national "animal welfare" group, will certainly oppose any such law. They are really a property rights group.

Make no mistake, I heartily support your suggestions and would work for them.

Whether or not you tackle the problem legally, how about creating some sort of support group to "help" these people (and the animals in turn). If they feel threatened, like the old woman above, that fear is a major impediment to getting the animals help or even preventing something like this from happening. How about a group to help elderly, ill, or otherwise overwhelmed folks to care for their animals. Sure, you don't want to be used as slave labor, but this would be a great way to get a close-up looks at the animals' situations and the rectify them immediately.

where can I adopt a horse 20.Sep.2004 06:53

Where can I adopt one of these horses/lammas?

Where can I adopt one of these horses/lammas?
Please leave a URL or phone number.

Where are the horses? 20.Sep.2004 09:58


The Lane County Sheriffs assistant will have all the information pertaining
to where the horses have been taken to HOPEFULLY survive and recover.
I await her call by the end of the day and will post that information on this and other websites.

As to licensing and posiibly building an assistance fund for the
animals and the farmers..
An annual fee farms would have to pay in order to have horses
and other large animals on their farm.If it hasn't been renwewed
it may be time to see if the farm is struggling and needs assistance.
These fees could helpo cover the cost of more frequent FRIENDLY
inspections and the cost of record keeping.