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The UN, Palestine and Iraq

The UN, Palestine and Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Kofi Annan, The Secretary General of The United Nations Organization,
declared that the US led war against Iraq was illegal. He told the
British Broadcasting Corp. radio that the US - led invasion did not
conform to the United Nations Charter.

His comments do not represent any change of heart in his position nor
they introduce a genuine change in the attitude of the United Nations

The decision to launch a war of aggression against Iraq, its
destruction, invasion and occupation was an American decision. This
naked aggression was in violation of the international laws. In spite
of not having a Security Council Resolution "legalizing" this war,
the United Nations, through its Security Council, recognized the US
war against Iraq and cooperated and still cooperating with its
programs and agenda.

In 1947 the United Nations, through its Security Council, that
represents the interest of the Imperialist powers, also committed
another wrongdoing against the Palestinians. It was part of the
Imperialist-Zionist schemes to rip Palestine apart creating a racist
foreign entity in Palestine. This entity with the support of its
Western Imperialist allies ripped Palestine apart, committed crimes
of genocide against the Palestinians in order to vacate the
Palestinian natives from their homes to make room for the Zionist
settlers, millions of Palestinians were uprooted and Palestine became
the largest colonialist settlement for the aggressors.

None of the UN Resolutions against "Israel" was ever enforced, This
racist artificial entity is still committing crimes against the
Palestinian people and The UN Security Council, dominated by the
United States, is supporting the Butcher of the Palestinians, Ariel
Sharon, or at best the majority of the member states are silent and
deaf to the calls of Palestine. The UN Resolution for the Right of
Return to their homes was totally ignored, the Palestinians are still
living in camps or scattered around the World impatiently waiting for
their return.

The United Nations ignored the confrontation between the legitimate
Iraqi resistance and the illegitimate US occupation. The United
Nations chose to be on the side of aggression and occupation, its
collaborators and agents. The words of Kofi Annan cannot save the
World Organization because since the beginning it chose to play an
active part of the occupation of Iraq.

The Secretary General was dominated and conditioned to accept the US
occupation of Iraq. He withdrew his employees from Iraq in
preparation for the invasion. When he sent his representative to
Baghdad, Lakhdar Ibrahimi, he knew that this employee would not
deviate from the plans and programmes of The United Nations, which
were aligned with those of the United States.

The Secretary General. Mr. Annan, if he were sincere, he would have
taken a courageous stand since the beginning, he would have stood up
and declared to the entire World that the US war against Iraq was
illegal and a crime against humanity, it was the most flagrant
violation of the charter of the Organization that he leads. Instead
he chose to protect his title and his position and tolerated such
aggression, destruction and occupation.

The Secretary General never took a serious stand against the Zionist
aggression in Palestine but he chose to be on the side of Zionism and
Imperialism as well.

The Iraqi people and the Palestinians know very well the stand of the
United Nations, they have experienced its prejudices since 1947 when
the United Nations usurped Palestine and gave it to the Zionists.

To correct the wrongdoings we call upon the progressive and peace
loving peoples of the World:

- To take a courageous stand to support the right of the Iraqis and
Palestinians to liberate their lands by any legitimate means.

- To support the right of the Palestinians to return to their homes
in historic Palestine from which they were forcefully evicted, to
establish their secular state in all of Palestine that lies between
the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

- To admit that "Israel" is an illegitimate artificial racist entity
that was established in Palestine and Palestine is Arab and belongs
to the Palestinian people.

- To recognize that Zionism is racism and it is the product of
Western Imperialism that must be defeated and eliminated alongside
with Imperialism.

- To recognize that Iraq is an Arab country and the Iraqi people are
one indivisible unit, sectarianism is not genuine in Iraq, it is the
creation of the occupation in order to divide Iraq, to weaken it and
rob its wealth and natural resources.

- To recognize the legitimate government of Iraq that is in

- We need to further strengthen the progressive organizations and arm
them with unwavering principles, to be clearly anti Zionism and
Imperialism free from any influence.

- We need a United Nations that is free from any domination in which
all nations are equal partners in peace, justice and security for the

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