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Police in Nepal rape 8 year old girl

Violence against the poor by government institutions are escalating. As the UN convenes, the US demands that Nepal refuses intervention. Violence is erupting all over the country and the government is out of control attacking the old and young alike. Justice is demanded by the poor! Demand UN intervention in Nepal!
Police accused of raping girl child in Dipayal

Police personnel have allegedly raped an eight-year-old girl of the Badi community at Pulbazaar of Dipayal Friday night, reports said.

According to reports, the rapists, believed to be local policemen, lifted the girl while she and her family members were asleep and took her to a nearby paddy field and raped her.

The girl's family members found her unconscious in the paddy field near the police office this morning, reports said. The girl's family stay under a tent as they do not have a proper house.

According to reports, the girl said she recognises the rapists, but she did not disclose their names fearing of being killed by them. nepalnews.com pd Sep 19 04