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w = 666

Lirary 911 symposim raises interesting questions.

w = 666 and d = r = war. This makes voting an easy choice for president.
Library symposim raises questions. Secondary explosions are reported. How the heck did tower 7 fall? Two hours of air force neglect. And no plane at the pentagon.

My question of late is who paid the damages for tower 7? Did the US tax payers pay for a building that the City demolished?

Concrete evidense is needed with a good chain of custody to test for explosives in the NYC fall out. If anybody has such it would help clarify the presents or absents of explosives at WTC.

I have no reports of efforts tocontact flight 77 families authenticate the victims of the missing plane.

Dead things to think about:

1. US Killed 3 million of its enemy and nearly 60 thousand of its own because of pride in Vietnam.

2. US kills 6 billion animal a year.

3. US may have killed off half its native sons in 1860's

Something to think about:

1. Victory can be attained though winning or losing.

2. Victory occurs when war ends.

3. Victory occurs when there is peace.

Have you been told we are in a war without an end?

Have you been told of military obectives?

Are we at war with a tactic? Is a police state decending?

If so why?