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New book reveals Bush ties to Nazi blood money, Moonies drug traffic, and 9-11 conspiracy

"AMBUSHED: Secrets of the Bush Family, the Stolen Presidency, 9-11, and 2004" by Toby Rogers, from Trine Day Publishing in Oregon, is poignant, concise dossier on the history of the Bush Family and its fascist agenda. Highly recommended...
Acclaimed investigative reporter, Toby Rogers, in his latest book traces the origins of the Bush Family, beginning with W's grandfather, Prescott Bush. AMBUSHED reads like a Greg Palast article, skillfully presenting facts in a style that is shocking, though sans Palast's injections of sarcasm and humor.

AMBUSHED details how Prescott was tapped for Skull & Bones and used those connections, plus his married family ties to the Harriman railroad fortune, to secure himself a ranking position at Union Bank Corporation, which financed the Nazi Party when it was nearly bankrupt and provided the funds necessary for Nazi-friendly industrialists to reconstitue the German Army. Though this information has been documented before in such books as Tarpley's Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, Rogers also unearths some telling quotes by former Presidents "Teddy" Roosevelt and Harry Truman about just how darkly the banking activities of Bush and Harrimen were viewed.

At the conclusion of the war, when Nazi money laundering was being investigated, Union Bank was liquidated and Prescott Bush received $1.5 million made from investments in Polish coal mines and steel factories that used slave labor from Jews and gypsies that were incarcerated by Germans. Without directly suggesting murder, Rogers also makes a case for the beginning of the Bush Family body count--the convenient timing of heart attacks, suicides, and accidents that has ultimately protected the Bushes from being convicted of their alleged crimes.

This book also presents, for the first time to this reader, aspects of Prescott's son, George HW Bush's childhood. The author presents a view of Andover Military Academy, where both Georges would attend school, as a very elitist institution in which a highly biased and fascist-friendly curriculum prevailed. References of former classmates are used to support George Sr's passionate interest in authoritarian history.

Karl Rove makes an appearance as the leader of the Texas College Republicans group, documenting his love for campus disinformation tactics and rummaging through dumpsters to find incriminating evidence against liberal professors. Rove was deeply moved by Bush's hardline Texas rhetoric and East Coast elitism, and supported Bush's campaigns for Senate and Congress. Rove so impressed the older oilman with his ruthless, pirahna tenacity, that he would become a growing presence in Bush circles until this day.

Richard Nixon originally sought GHW Bush for his running mate in 1968, but went with Spiro Agnew to appease GOP heavy weights. Bush was an ardent champion of the Vietnam War, though he arranged to keep his own son out. He also supported Kissinger's ideas of martial to stifle public opposition to the war.

Moving on to Bush's forced entry on the Reagan 1980 ticket, though the book cites well-documented concerns that Reagan had about Bush, it presents new sources of information about the October Surprise scandal, citing a former CIA official who claims that Bush loyalists from the CIA actually sabotaged the rescue mission Jimmy Carter ordered for the US hostages in Iran.

Moving through the Bush connections to Reverend Moon's organizations and several neo-Nazi organizations that preach anti-Semitism and racial purity, to the right-wing sleaze machine that sought to undermine the Clinton Presidency with relentless abandon, AMBUSHED sets the stage for the events surrounding W's stolen election and the role of Federalist Society justices on the Supreme Court.

By documenting the darkest, yet most intractable evidence against the Bush Family for the last hundred years, Toby Rogers develops enormous momentum for his arguments at the end of the book that 9-11 was not an intelligence failure, nor a terrorist victory, nor even complicit opportunism by the Bush Administration. Rogers presents new evidence and insights to claim that the Bush Family and it's worldly network of spooks and skullduggery actually planned the attack and arranged for the systematic failure of FAA, NORAD, and the Secret Service to respond to the hijackings.

Rogers even cites Bonesmen who claim that a major rift has developed between those who see their Skull & Bones membership as a basis for nepotism and upward mobility, and those (like the Bushes) who took the Illuminist trappings of The Tomb fanatically to heart. These powerful networks are now clashing openly in the form of the CBS News, Knight-Ridder, etc. and the Moonie Washington Times and Fox News. It's basically a battle for those who believe in the democratic republic as it is (let's face it, all these Eastern elites have it made already, why do they need to rule the world?), and those with fascist ambitions.

At $15 this 160 pages is a great read, dense with facts, yet easily followed. Highly recommeded especially for anybody who hasn't invested the time to dig into all the various books that put the Bush mafia puzzle together.
Its sad when... 19.Sep.2004 17:25

left out larry

Its sad when the major argument of our age is whether the current administration is more Nazist than Stalinist. Remember, Stalin entered Poland from the backdoor, and his reign was alot longer than 12 years.