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Police State Hero

Another anti-police-state poem.

Police State Hero


Police state hero with your armored suit
you must be proud in your black jack boots
crushing dissent with a chemical spray
how much freedom did you kill today?

How many children did you corral in orange mesh?
How many rubber bullets tore their flesh?
How many passers-by did you club with zest,
protected as you are in your bullet proof vest?

Police state hero behind the police state shield
not even the Constitution can make you yield


breaking the bones of those better than you
how proud you must feel, criminal in blue!

How many grandmothers did you beat a pulp
over some political issue you know nothing about?
How many defenseless Americans did you beat for fun
Safe as you are behind your gun?

Police state hero will you still be proud
when Americans rise up and take you down?

Doing their job 18.Sep.2004 19:39


At Oregon City, I booed them. Several protesters defended them to me, saying they're just doing their job. Passing the buck is what I call their defense. The OC cops had all the gear and dress. This is what America has come to. It is a police state, tragic and sad. Our free speech is confined to where we're not seen or heard. Enough!

A Larger Perspective 18.Sep.2004 20:42

Richard Kobzey

Please feel free to right-click, save, and redistribute this image - which I have created - wherever applicable.
Thank you.

those so-called 18.Sep.2004 22:22


from OC that dressed-up as "robocops" are bungling bastards...so don't worry too much!