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Courageous Coward

Anti-Police-State Poem

Courageous Coward


Courageous coward does his best to serve his leader
and seeks an 'at a boy! at every turn
chest puffed out and jaw well squared
he defends injustice while his betters burn

Courageous coward marches in line
to the tune of a martial beat
stomping on those who speak their minds
praising those who bleat like sheep

Courageous coward does not need to think
the path he treads is well defined
his boot heels stomp on the face of humanity
as he marches with the blind

Courageous coward will one day fall
when his victims place a bullet in his head
and the truly courageous dance and sing
upon the graves of cowards dead

in Eugene? 18.Sep.2004 19:31


Thanks for the pix and the poem. However, I am offended by the reference, "bullet to the head." Protesters are peaceful people and we don't believe in any violence. I would never dance on anyone's grave. I dance for life. Those who commit violence will have it on their conscience or justice will be served in a legal, equal opportunity way. I wanted to go to the Eugene protest, but didn't have a ride.

got to side with "gk" here 18.Sep.2004 22:57

red suspenders

No kidding!

Speaking for myself- I oppose the Bush administration becuase I firmly believe it's never ok to point guns at people. I imagine most of the readers out there would agree.

All human life is precious.

So I'm offended by this poem- and I'm not easily offended.

beg to differ 18.Sep.2004 23:20

mixing words

IN aMERIKA, cowards are those people who do not kill unarmed men, women, and children. Coward don't discount people as collateral dammage. Cowards dont join the US military and will not register.

Cowards are my Heroes.

Now those hair grabiing women tortures are just that.

Courage is confronting hair grabing women torturers and being those women.

It takes courage to be a coward as amerika defines the word coward.

Those that are trapped by america are victims. Often suffering from stockholm syndrome. For most certainly they are victims and identify with their captures. In the old testement we would call them idol worshipping,
thieving, coveting, wookies.

F the man