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Woman whose son died in Iraq "for our freedom" arrested for speaking out

Sue Niederer of Hopewell, New Jersey, stood up in the middle of a speech by Laura bush yesterday, and tried to be heard. She wore a t-shirt that read, "President Bush You Killed My Son" and she demanded to know why her son, 24 year old Seth Dvorin, had been sacrificed for Mr. bush's oil.
In an ironic episode that speaks volumes about just how much Mr. bush cares about the sacrifices he has asked other people to make, Ms. Niederer was quickly seized, arrested, and thrown into the slammer for her "offense." She was charged, unbelievably enough, with "defiant trespass."

Once upon a time, people were actually allowed to get up and speak in America, particularly at a public gathering, without being carted away by the police. There was a fairy tale we told ourselves then, called the First Amendment. And what Ms. Niederer did wasn't called "trespassing" then, it was called "democracy."

What a long time ago it was.

Shame on george bush for sending young soldiers off to die looking for weapons of mass destruction that were never there. Shame on him for mouthing idiotic platitudes about how it was all "for our freedom." One would think that, at the very least, Mr. Dvorin's mother would have been free to speak out after such a sacrifice. Yes, one would have thought so. Shame on the republicans who sat by and did nothing while Ms. Niederer was being hauled away, and shame even more on those who called after her, "Your son CHOSE to fight in that war." Fucking shame.

And shame on any of us who do nothing while more young soldiers and civilians on both sides die for nothing.
Just 17.Sep.2004 20:57


step to the civil war. Tick, tick, tick, take it all back

terrible 17.Sep.2004 21:26


This is unbearably sad. How many children are going to have to die before we say NO MORE? Of course, it seems that if we do say anything, we will be sent to jail.

Laura Antoinette 17.Sep.2004 21:33

Den Mark, Vancouver

Had laura bush any compassion, she would have intervened, but she is as revolting as her demented husband.

unnamed white house spokesperson... 18.Sep.2004 11:36

this thing here

"well, remember, as our commander in chief said, 'the terrorists hate our freedoms.' and this woman obviously hates our freedom, as anyone who gets up to freely speak their mind in this country is an obvious terrorist, or at the very least secretly works in league with the terrorists. we can't have that. our policy here makes perfect sense, both logically and legally."