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photos of cheney's visit to oregon city

cheney shows up to "town hall" meeeting
A dedicated core of oregonians greeted dickie boy on his staged town hall meeting today.as usual,the regulars showed up to let the butcher of halliburton know he is not welcome.the ninja turtles were there to protect the vice president from the crowd too.a big thank-you goes out to all who were there to assemble and petition our grievances.and for the bushies who told me to "f*ck off",i hope you do not kiss your wife with that mouth tonight.
Would you just look at those terrierists 17.Sep.2004 15:59


Have you ever seen such a group of menacing "types" as in these pictures. I mean, these people are clearly radical maniacs, holding those signs with such harsh messages. When will these youth realize they need to respect their offical leaders, and go get a job!!! Clearly, these hippies in their wildly colored outfits have been smoking something besides oregano.

Thanks NavyDad 17.Sep.2004 17:03

Willamina Whacko

Great pics Navy Dad. Too bad this vet didn't make it. Looks like the man gave you all a great "free speech" zone, again........ Keep up the pressure on those potty mouths.


did the PoPo and their cohorts have those silly 17.Sep.2004 17:18

ROBOCOP goofies

dressed out for Chenney's visit? Bet it was funny to see 'em? Strutting all about

DID DICK CHENEY 17.Sep.2004 17:20

tell the Oregon City Republicans

to "go fuck themselves?"

Death Star Troopers With New Toy? 17.Sep.2004 17:54

Cheney Watch

Woooo! Looks like the police got a new hovercraft in that one photo!

Circles 17.Sep.2004 21:42


I got in to OC without a sign or flag, so I stopped at a minute-mart type store, went around the back, and there were these stacks of cardboard. Perfect! With the clerk's thin-pointed marker, I had my sign. (Usually I have something slightly more professional.) I dumped the sign in a garbage bin upon leaving, but it served its purpose. Cheney's policies deserve to be DUMPED!

The cops wouldn't let us in yellow-taped areas, so they kept telling me to go this way and that. Finally, after walking in several circles, one cop pointed to where we mean terriers were congregated which was beyond where we could be seen, of course. After the dick's limos came, we moved over to the main thoroughfare, but cops moved us around and out of there too. They did that line-up formation which means we must behave. Keep up the pressure, guys. Dick and crew are war mongers.