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I Am Not A Truck (re: cheney protest)

Bizarre police presence at today's cheney protest.
I've been to many protests in 44 years, but today's against cheney in Oregon City made me notice more than usual how bizarre & confused police can be. I suppose i was bored & had to keep my mind occupied on something. The most disgusting sight, of course, was the usual riot-cops-face-off-citizens bit at the end, when "the dick" was leaving, while vile republicans came & went at their pleasure. Robo-cops this time were provided by Milwaukie, on loan, i assume, to Oregon City. "Discrimination", i think the term would be, as republicans were treated as if they owned the cops which, i suppose, is the case. Does it have to be so blatant!

When i first arrived & approached what appeared to be the perimeter, marked with police tape, one cop said i can't be there. I pointed out that i was outside the police tape. Another cop said i was alright, but the first cop said no, that i had to be behind those a-frame barricades "over there", which were randomly placed. While the two cops were getting their heads straight, i went to a barricade & loudly read what the taped sign on it said: "No Trucks". I went back to the cops & shouted, "I am not a truck!" They insisted i had to leave anyway. So i went to the nearby highway to show my "Bush Is Nuts" sign & green "Justice" flag.

I could go on. It seemed to me today that only a special artist could've captured the arbitrariness & unfairness of the police presence, maybe Dali, or maybe Munch, or maybe Blake. Or maybe Tom Tomorrow.

One thing i am sure of: i am NOT a truck!

Den Mark, Vancouver USA Citizen
Just 17.Sep.2004 20:53


step to the civil war. Tick, tick, tick, take it all back

I Am Not A Truck, & There Is NO WHITE LINE 17.Sep.2004 21:22

Den Mark, Vancouver

I have to add another funny incident. For a while i was with a small group which happened to be in the crosswalk area of a closed street. One cop tapped me on the shoulder from behind & politely asked that i stand behind the white line, so i do not get run over. I looked down, & there was NO white line. I pointed out that "There is NO white line." He looked embarrassed & said, "Well, there's supposed to be a white line there," or something like that. It's all too ridiculous. What nonsense is perpetrated, just because a bunch of citizens who have something to say, come out & say it.

one thing is sure about these 17.Sep.2004 22:34

stupid cops

...they'll just as easily kill us en masse as look at us...they're that dumb!
But, of course, that's WHY they dumbed down the hiring standards and hired the
likes of Jason Sery & Scott McCollister, etc....they kill fellow-AMERICANS without
any pangs of conscience. When they're ordered to kill Americans someday soon,
they'll not flinch in killing as many as possible, for they're so stupid as to
think they're doing "God's WORK"...such is the Amerika of today! Get ready!

Yet Another Surreal Incident 18.Sep.2004 07:38

Den Mark, Vancouver

I have to include this one, too. While a small bunch of us us protesters were being faced-off by the robos, their 'possum vehicle, illegally-parked, got side-swiped by a larger passing truck, whose driver stopped but then took off. The cops were amazed at the side-swipe & then did a double-take, as the driver escaped. It was cool. Cops were all flustered, not knowing if they should leave us protesters & go after the renegade truck, or what. "Go, truck, GO!" Maybe that's why the barricades said, "No Trucks". Pure farce.

And on the OTHER hand 20.Sep.2004 13:44

stupid people

I always think I'll never be surprised with bias, stupidity and ignorance, but no such luck. As a family member of one of those "stupid cops", I can tell you with out a doubt, he could give a rats ass who wins the election. With not enough training and protective equipment and guns that he's had to buy himself (not enough money i the budget you know), he's suppose to be ready for anything from a mental case out to kill someone important to a terrorist masquerding as a protester. I remember when he decided to become a cop, very young wanted to help people and all. Well soon he learned that 99% of his time is spent dealing with child abusers, drug dealers, junkies, felons, theives, wife beaters, drunks, pedifiles, rapists, etc. He's almost been killed several times and has carried the casket of three co-workers over the years. I've watched him pull a endless 12 hour shifts, get 3 hours sleep and then have to be in court to make sure that the slime bag that just raped his girlfriends 8 year old daughter doesn't get released. He witnessed a commanding officer get his face blown off and then had to compose himself enough to chase down the gunman. I've spent many hours scrubbing the blood from his uniform after he held a stabbing victim, carried someone from a car wreck, had a PCP maniac beat the crap out of him, etc, etc, all the while hoping he didn't get AIDS. (got to get it clean cause otherwise he'll have to pay for another out of his own money) The pay is crappy, the hours stink and you never know if you'll be alive to see your kid's next ball game. And to the protester that spit in his face, we're Kerry supporters only because he's not Bush and hate the war. I'm sure you won't spit at him the next time you call and ask for his help. If it was me I'd tell you to call someone who cares, but he won't. He'll do his job and risk his life just to save your ass. Go figure.

keep things in perspective 20.Sep.2004 14:13


A bus driver makes less and has a more dangerous job than a police officer.

The problem with good cops is that they don't root out the corruption in their force. They allow the many cops who give them a bad name to rise through the ranks without fear of penalty for violating the law and abusing their authority. When the good cops start making stands against corruption and lawlessness of their colleagues, they will find a lot of community support. Until then, I strongly suspect things will remain as they are.

Angels & Devils 20.Sep.2004 17:43

Den Mark, Vancouver

Policing is a profession which places too much power in the hands of individuals, as in teaching & medicine. Concentration of power in policing is made worse by power application being immediate & potentially extreme. That power can go to a man's/woman's head & corrupt. It can, & it does. Whether corrupted cops are few, some, many, most, whatever, there are far too many. Incidents of power-abuse are not isolated. On these Indy pages, we read of examples constantly, across the nation. The earlier poster is correct about police not policing themselves, something also true of all other professions. My brother, a former cop, by the way, was maltreated at a hospital & subsequently died. I pursued every path i could to bring the hospital staff to a place where they would admit their mistakes, apologize, & correct themselves, for the sake of future patients. I failed in the attempt, because medical people close ranks & protect one another. Hundreds of thousands die every year from medical malpractice. Police close ranks, too. That phenomenon may be understandable, but it is disgusting. There are sadists & bigots out there, in uniform, & armed. How many? Who knows. Minority? Doesn't matter. I suppose that the police profession is also like all others, in that both the best & the worst are in the minority, with most cops being mediocre. The bell curve thing. In Romania, the army sided with the people against the police. In Bolivia, the police sided with the people against the army. A good cop is an incredible angel. A bad cop is an unmitigated devil. I am grateful for the good ones.

Den Mark