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Sacramento "Son of Patriot Act" ordinance still on books!

Remember the repressive parade ordinance that the Sacramento City Council passed last year before the USDA Agricultural Ministerial? The city council refused to rescind the odious law at its meeting last night.
The Sacramento City Council refused to rescind the draconian "Son of Patriot Act" parade ordinance last night, in spite of overwhelming opposition to keeping this travesty on the books. It's time to think about running progressive candidates against the current Council members!

Here's the article in today's Bee about the City Council meeting last night.In spite of massive opposition to the "Son of Patriot Act" parade ordinance,the city council unanimously decided to not rescind the ordinance. They instead redirected staff to modify the unconstitutional ordinance.

It was one of the most bizarre meetings I've ever been to. The public testimony featured a self-described "libertarian" who supported the ordinance, a wacky "gun rights" lobbyist who supporting outlawing slingshots and water bottles, and a video by Dave Jenest's Citizen's Community Watch /Patriot Watch that showed the "evils" of black bloc anarchists at the Sacramento Ag Expo last year. The video was so bad that It was almost like a self parody of right wing stereotypes and jargon about anti-globalization and anti--war activists.

I, like much of the audience, was rolling in laughter throughout much of the video. It was much better than Reality TV could ever be.

I applaud the many activists that spoke passionately about the need to get rid of "Son of Patriot Act." As presented by the representative of Vietnam Veterans of America and organizer of the annual Sacramento Veterans Day parade, the most crazy thing is that this ordinance would outlaw Veterans Day parades, since the veterans carry flag poles, guns, banners and other materials that are illegal under the ordinance! Now get this... the Son of Patriot Act outlaws public displays of patriotism by veterans!

I'm writing an article on the City Council's descent into repressive absurdity for BPM and other publications. The quotes I got in the meeting last night from some of the 10 right wingers that attended, as well as the lame statements from City Council members, shows the depths into which our country and city has descended. I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.

Was last night a weird, bad dream or did it really happen? I guess it really happened, because Terri Hardy's article confirms it.

Dan Bacher

Council revisits controversial parade law

By Terri Hardy -- Bee Staff Writer

Published 2:15 am PDT Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A controversial parade ordinance that mandates what can be worn or carried during protests was under review by the Sacramento City Council late Tuesday night.

City officials, including Police Chief Albert Nájera, and residents of Citizens Community Watch urged the council to pass a revised version, saying it provided a good balance between constitutional rights and protecting
The public from potentially violent protests.

"We are very aware that we need a carefully developed ordinance, but mindful of the need to protect citizens' rights of free speech," Nájera said.

Activists and civil rights lawyers pressed for the council to rescind the ordinance and start over, saying both the existing and proposed ordinance were unconstitutional and unreasonable.

Mark Merin, a civil rights attorney, said the city already had laws and codes that would allow police to deal with any violence or vandalism.

Merinhas warned city officials that if they don't rescind the ordinance, a
class-action lawsuit will be filed against the city.

"You make criminals of passers-by who want to join a parade," Merin said. "It's ridiculous to take a flagpole and call it a weapon, but that is what this ordinance does."

Deputy City Attorney Rich Archibald conceded that under the new or proposed ordinance a flagpole would be considered a weapon. Moreover, he said, Things that are traditionally allowed during a veterans parade, including Carrying weapons, would not be allowed under the ordinance.

"Rules have to be applied across the board," Archibald said. "It's a difficult issue."

In June 2003, the City Council passed the parade ordinance as an emergency measure, as officials braced for the Ministerial Conference and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology. Since that event, the scope and severity of the ordinance have been questioned, including bans on wearing bandannas or carrying signs with "lengths of lumber" more than 2 inches wide.

City Council members decided the ordinance had been hastily written and overbroad and decided to look at revising the language.

Sue em. 17.Sep.2004 11:30


I put no faith in the justice system, but it would be fun, anyway. Sue them. As one of many Portland activists who witnessed this travesty, I want to see them made to see the error of their ways. I went there to protest biotech food, which is my constitutional right. While there, I believed it was necessary to protect my identity from the fascist police state. Pigs with cameras were illegally videotaping me everywhere I went, and I know history enough to recognize the birth of fascism when I see it. Anyone who knows the history of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, Ecuador, Guatemala, or any number of other fascist nations knows that the first thing they do is start taking names and collecting info on you. Then, when they get more powerful, they come after anyone who spoke out against them. That's what they're starting to do here under the PATRIOT act. I do not want them knowing who I am, so I protected my identity. And their solution was to arrest anyone they saw covering their faces, so that they could get their names and information anyway. This is unbelievable that we would let them get away with this! I say, sue them and make them pay, so that other cities do not follow this repressive example.

I did not go to Sacramento to vandalize anything, to damage anything. This is not to say I am opposed to those who might have gone to do these things (sometimes, one must do extraordinary things to fight an extraordinary evil). But I did not go there for that. I merely went to speak out against the crimes of the biotech industry, and 10,000 armed police officers, armed with REAL ASSAULT RIFLES, were there to make sure no one heard me. Then, they had the nerve to arrest and beat people for trying to protest their identities? Shame. History will remember all this as unkindly as it now remembers the Nazis. Which side are you on?

it is just as likely that history will 18.Sep.2004 11:52

remember us as

maladjusted whining crybabies with no redeeming value to society whatsoever.

It's how I want to remember myself, as I die- that is what counts to me. Will I have done at least enough good to balance off some of the bad? Will I have tried, no matter how brokenly, to stave off the constant fear and help stop the dark from covering everything? Those are the things that I will be asking myself when I go. After that, I will not be around to review history's critique.

i wanna see the fucking video 20.Sep.2004 13:56

some kid

i get a mental picture of a cross between Reefer Madness and some Red-Scare propaganda film. You should ask for the video.

Thought it was funny? 25.Sep.2004 14:43

Laugh away - YOU FAILED! sactomedia@journalist.com

September 14, 2004 - City of Sacramento Council Chambers
View the City Council Meeting that includes the video you didn't care for.

Forward to 01:07:58 (8:11PM) for Agenda item 12.1
Forward to 01:47:32 (8:51PM) for the PowerPoint presentation.
Don't forget to snicker when this slide appears.
Don't forget to snicker when this slide appears.

Self-styled right-wing community watchdog Dave Jenest is a powerless wingnut 29.Nov.2005 10:07


Self-styled right-wing community watchdog Dave Jenest is a powerless wingnut
S. Rubin, 29.11.2005 05:54
Vigilante photo site
forward, 25.06.2003 03:09

There is a set of vigilantes in Sacramento going around photographing people and calling in to police. Pictures are here: ( http://www.crimewatch.us/Sac-WTOphotos.htm)

Dave Jenest: Vigilante
sacto resident, 25.06.2003 05:22

Just so you dont shit your britches about the vigilante or vigilante site  http://www.crimewatch.us/.

The site is a one person operation, like so many internet "movements." It is run by an unemployed security guard named Dave Jenest. He is a pretty pathetic guy who gets his jollies off playing cop fink. And as much as he thinks he is an asset to the cops, like most cranks he has pretty much alienated anyone he has come in contact with. Even people like Sacto's neo-nazi Walter Meuller (another pathetic, powerless wingnut) think Jenest is an idiot. I've lived in Sacramento for all my life and keep tabs on Sacto politics and the right wing, and these folks like Jenest are so out on the fringe and their personalities are so noxious that the thought of them getting together to do anything but fight among themselves is pretty far off. Here in Sacto the true right wing power (despite what you might think of the cop presence) is with the chamber of commerce and the developers...but so many of you are not from here and could care less about our local politics (your mandella garden grandstanding included - where were you five years before the garden was lost?). GMO and WTO and traveling around on your parents dime is so much sexier and easier than staying at home and trying to defeat the fuckers there. Have a nice time on your vacation and I hope you have a great life as a stockbroker once you graduate from college and pack your Black Bloc outfits away. At least you'll have nice stories to tell your grand kids. Thanks for visiting our fine town, close the door on your way out. For anarchism but not out of cartoonland - later on, fuckers.

Fact Check
PDN, 17.11.2004 08:41

The nameless and the faceless are good at attacking people like Dave Jenest and the groups he supports and who work with him. One man show? Did you even bother to count his allies at the City Council session that defeated the Left's demands by a 9-0 vote? Did you hear the voices, ranging from young to old on the Power Point presentation you all laughed through? Well, your laughter and defence of banners reading "We support our troops when they shoot their officers" spent any political capital you may have brought with you.

Jenest was never a security guard so you sir are a liar. But you care less about the truth.

David Long

Dave Jenest: Vigilante
Dave Jenest, 12.08.2005 02:52

Since this post pops up on Google when my name is searched, I will respond the false statements made about me by the faceless, nameless writers in this forum.

#1 I am neither unemployed nor have I ever been a security guard. EVER!

#2 the claim I have no support from the police officers in Sacramento can be refuted by one of you favorite weekly newspapers in Sacramento.( http://www.newsreview.com/issues/Sacto/2001-04-26/cover.asp)

#3 I have never sought nor would I ever support Walter Mueller and the things he stands for. I ahve no racist or anti-Semetic agenda.

No question, those who participated in the USDA protest may find themselves on the opposite side of the political spectrum than my colleagues and me. Does that immediately justify lies and slander to make a point?

I am also a realist. You folks usually out number us at public meeting by 50 to 1 or more. Those who defend our nation's position seldom have the spare time to participate in protests, media interviews or before government bodies. I applaud you for being able to turn out 53 people this week at Sacramento City Council even if I do not agree with your Anti-Bush cause.

If you knew anything about me or my life, you would know my father gave his life so you could protest and engage in lawful dissent. I did not oppose your lawful and permitted protest at USDA. I merely documented the advance threats and the actual crimes some of your out of town radicals committed before and after your otherwise peaceful protest.

The bottom line is this: Your attempt to slay the messenger because you don't like the message puts you right in line with local government, some police management and soft on crime judges. Google that one!

UFO guard
D.Brown, 24.11.2005 08:27

Dave Jenest has been a member in good standing of the UFO watch community. He protects us. If you doubt it, check: ( http://setiathome2.ssl.berkeley.edu/fcgi-bin/fcgi?cmd=view_feedback&id=14590)

Hey Dave Jenest, just shut up!
S. Rubin, 24.11.2005 08:43

Since Dave Jenest chose to respond in his own defense, I am dismayed that he fails to mention his other community endeavors such as his support of rogue Sacramento Police Watch Commander Patrick Dowden during the period of time the Police Department considered terminating Dowden for a number of indiscretions among them supplying inside information via a police fax machine to pro-NAZI Walter F. Mueller, a person who has denied the existence of the holocaust that killed millions of people of many racial, ethnic and religious groups.

Making no mention of Dowden's many indiscretions as a police watch commander, Jenest said in one of his weblogs, "Pat Dowden has been a loyal friend and we'll be cheering him on in court next month as he continues his civil action (appeal) against the police brass and the city..."
( http://freerepublic.com/focus/news/722008/posts).

The Sacramento News and Review, another neighborhood newspaper refers to Dave Jenest, "Yup, despite his knack for gaining attention with press releases and other 'look at me' tricks, it seems like another lonely crusade for Sacramento's self-styled defender of the police state, domestic and international." ( http://www.newsreview.com/issues/sacto/2001-11-01/bites.asp)

Nonetheless, Jenest fancies himself as a determined community leader, but according to a spokesman for a citizen group who monitors Walter Mueller's holocaust-denying community and has only a passing interest in Jenest said, "Jenest is a downtown apartment dweller. For all of his ranting, Jenest is not taken seriously. Jenest has been befriended by a group of disgruntled Sacramento policemen, much like Dowden, who use Jenest to put their department in a bad light. He allows these cops into his apartment for coffee and an occasional snack. In return, they supply Jenest with official inside documents from their department. Jenest refers to his apartment as 'the bunker,' a place he has offered as a meeting place for those who see things his way and his way only. Our only interest in Jenest is that he be exposed for not taking his friend Dowden to task for aligning himself with pro-NAZI Walter Mueller while Dowden was a high-ranking police official. It is nothing but shameful."

A former member of Jenest's conservative MEETUP group says, "I have been in Jenest's 'bunker' many times and I can say that it looks just like some sort of fake police command center complete with maps and scanners which monitor police frequencies. It's really pathetic to see the extent to which some people will go to gain community attention. Dave talked frequently in police jargon using codes that nobody but him and his cop friends understood. If you didn't agree with Dave or attend his meetings as frequently as he thinks you should, you were booted out of his MEETUP group. Dave attends city council meetings and gives his 'pro-police' rants, but he has alienated most of the City's past two administrations including ranking police decision-makers. That's why the disgruntled cops like him. Dave has bragged that some of the officers actually feed him official inside information to give him some sort of an advantage in front of the City Council, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Dave isn't taken seriously by them or anybody else for that matter. As a conservative, I'm embarrassed to have ever been involved with Dave Jenest."

According to an internet periodical "neighborhoodlink.com", Dave Jenest fancies the title 'Flunky in Chief' in describing what he calls is his role in his 'patriot defenders network'". ( http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/org/clubcon.html?nclubid=933246120&nsupercity=317078449)

In still another website, Jenest adds to his many titles. He also claims to be a 'UFO watchdog'.
( http://setiathome2.ssl.berkeley.edu/fcgi-bin/fcgi?cmd=view_feedback&id=14590).

My God, I'm sure going to sleep good tonight knowing our flunky-in-chief Dave Jenest's on watch. Hey Jenest, it's time you kept your mouth shut. You keep digging yourself in deeper and you're taking your pro-NAZI friends with you.