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Nepal Watch: World Bank, peace corps sent home, $1 mill in arms via US

From a series of this weeks articles we are viewing an extremely volatile situation brewing in Nepal. Please inform others and try to prevent this. Even a small amount of work could prevent the massacre about to take place.
Professional Organisations demand activation of the constitution
Representatives of major professional organisations in the country have demanded what they said immediate activation of the country's constitution.
Addressing a consultation programme organized by intellectual and
professionals department of the opposition Nepali Congress party in the capital Tuesday, chairman of Nepal University Teachers Union Khagendra Bhattarai, chairman of Nepal Engineers Association Jib Raj Pokhrel and general secretary of Nepal Bar Association Madhav Banskota said royal move of the October 4, 2002 could not be corrected unless the dissolved House of Representatives was reinstated and the constitution was activated.
General Secretary of, Nepal Teachers Union, Mohan Gyawali, said there was a need of a leader like late B. P. Koirala in order to bring the rebels into mainstream and ask the King to remain within the ambit of the constitution.
According to Rajdhani daily, president of Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), Taranath Dahal, said there was a need to launch peaceful movement against the atrocities of two armed forces. He also called upon all the democratic forces in the country. nepalnews.com by Sep 15 04


World Bank assistance for drinking water, sanitation and poverty alleviation
The International Development Assistance (IDA) of the World Bank is to provide an assistance of SDR 27.1 million (equivalent to Rs 3.01 billion) in the form of loan and grants to the government of Nepal for the implementation of two separate projects.
The Bank will provide a loan worth Rs 1888.39 million for the second Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) project and a grant worth Rs 1121.84 million for Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) project.
Finance Secretary Bhanu Prasad Acharya and country director of the World Bank in Nepal, Kenichi Ohashi, signed on two separate agreements to this effect at the Finance Ministry Tuesday.
According to the Finance Ministry, the second RWSS project aims at improving institutional performance of rural water supply and sanitation sector, and support communities to form inclusive local water supply and sanitation user groups that can plan, implement and operate drinking water and sanitation infrastructure at the local level, among others.
The project will be implemented by Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board and will be completed by July 2008.
Similarly, the Poverty Alleviation Fund aims at carrying out demand and community driven approach to improve access to income-generating sub-projects and community infrastructure, benefiting groups excluded by reasons of gender, ethnicity and caste, as well as the poorest groups in rural communities.
The project, to be implemented by Poverty Alleviation Fund, will be completed by July 2008, the Ministry said. nepalnews.com by Sep 14 04
US embassy seeks permission to suspend peace corps activities, repatriate its staff
Three days after a minor attack at its Information Center in the Nepali capital, the US embassy in Kathmandu has asked the Department of State in Washington, D.C. to approve the temporary suspension of Peace Corps activities in Nepal.
Peace Corps has moblised hundreds of US volunteers across Nepal over the last four decades in a wide range of activities.
According to a press statement issued on Monday, the embassy has also sought permission from the State Department to allow the departure of those family members of American Embassy personnel who wish to do so.
"The attack at the American Center on Friday (September 10) not only endangered lives but clearly violated all international norms and laws," the U.S. Embassy said.
The attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities will only serve to increase American support for the efforts of the Government of Nepal to find a peaceful solution to the insurgency, the embassy said.
The U.S. government has decided to provide US$ one million in additional security assistance and will work with Congress to make this money available immediately to the Government of Nepal. The U.S. Government will also seek additional assistance funding for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1, the embassy said in the statement.
"We appreciate the statements of support of the Government of Nepal as well as its swift response in providing additional security for American facilities in Kathmandu. We are also grateful for and touched by the many messages and calls of support from people from every walk of life everywhere in Nepal, including from His Majesty the King and Prime Minister Deuba," said the embassy.
The US embassy has also called upon all members of the international community and, more importantly, what it said legitimate political forces inside Nepal not only to condemn this attack but specifically to work in unity to achieve a peaceful resolution to the Maoist insurgency.
The Nepal government is yet to react to the US embassy's latest move. On Saturday, premier Sher Bahadur Deuba had called US ambassador in Kathmandu, James F. Moriarty, and condemned the attack at the American Center. He had also assured of adequate security arrangements to US citizens and interests in the country.
Nobody has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack at the US Information Center. But police suspect Maoist rebels to be responsible for the attack. The attack caused minor damages but nobody was injured in it. nepalnews.com by Sep 13 04

While people call out for the constitution to be observed, the World Bank moves in like predators. The US has sent home the peace corps and is sending in $ 1 million dollars worth of arms and training. Effective immediately. The US has also waved away talks with the UN saying that we would take care of Nepal's Maoist "problem."

Sound familiar anybody?
Fiddling while Rome is burns 15.Sep.2004 10:44


So called "water projects" to "help farmers" and "improve lives" are in reality methods to control water supplies and drive people away from self sufficiency and into dependence on global trade for survival, the results of this are overpopulation, pollution, and environmental degradation. People who resist are killed hence the massacres. This events occur wherever there are people who are still self sufficient.

Unfortunately, when these massacres happen, they will barely register in the sheeplike brains of the typical americans. We are no more likely to act than when the natives in this country were being massacred. Much easier to stay focused on mass consumption, sports or the peurile activities of "celebrities" than worry about the suffering of brown skinned people we'll never actually see.

There are a lot of inane postings on Indymedia. Not enough of this kind of information. Thanks to Migratory Bird for hammering away at this.

For those of you naively clinging to the notion that the world needs to "help" lift the 3rd world out of poverty. I would suggest looking up Vandana Shiva on the internet and researching some of her material. There are plenty of RealAudio files you can play over your computer or written materials to download. Vandana Shiva completely explodes the myths of dams, water projects, the green revolution as being methods to improve lives. These things are in reality methods to control people and resources. forcing a dependency on global trade for survival. Wherever this exploitation occurs, the results are overpopulation, pollution, environmental degradation and... enormous profits for the rich! Those that resist are subjected to torture, rape and murder.