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Nader's Hypocrisy Continues

Nader caters with the Republicans...again.
Now Nader is working with Secretary of State Glenda Hood and Kenneth Sukhia in getting on the Florida ballot.

He is a partner in the Fowler White firm in Tallahassee and a former federal prosecutor, who worked with other Republican lawyers in the 2000 recount, and also was appointd by Bush the following year to a federal judgeship.

He's also working with Peter Antonacci and George Meros, two Tallahassee lawyers with Republican ties, who are heavily anti-abortion.

Circuit Judge Kevin Davey, who ordered to keep Nader off the ballot, got his order suspended by Hood then allowed an amended ballot certification with Nader's name on it.

To top it all off, Hood intends to hurry and proceed with the printing of the overseas and absentee ballots under the decree with the U.S Department of Justice in mailing the ballots 45 days before the election at least, leaving Davey barely any time by September 18th to complete his final ruling.

Does Nader's hypocrisy know no limits? Here I am admitting the Democrats have their faults, while all many here can do is deny Nader's inauthenticity.

Noah Eaton
he has to do what he can to get on the ballot 14.Sep.2004 15:11


He wouldn't be "working with Republicans" as you put it if the Democrats would not be "working against independents"....
If they (Democrats) put half the time into going against Bush and attacking his faults and working against the pro-Bush propaganda as they do into fighting Nader getting on a state ballot, I swear, after Kerry loses, are the Democrats going to do this again in 2008 ? Are they going to go for strike 3 and be "out" ? Lemme see, they will pick another war candidate, someone not too "controversial" or "liberal", Nader will have to run again, and oh man...it gives me a headache just to think about it

democrats hate democracy 14.Sep.2004 15:16


So now it's Nader's fault that the secretary of state of Florida is a republican. Typically democrat blame game. Yeah democracy sucks when it doesn't do what you want, just ask George Bush, he'll tell you a dictatorship is a lot easier, so long as you get to be the dictator. Nader has every right to run, and be on a ballot. If you don't like it, maybe you should find a country with a little less democracy.

By all means, pay attention to Florida, Nader being on the ballot does have a serious implication for how the election will play out. Realize that more people are going to attempt to cast votes for Kerry in Florida, and that under no circumstances will the vote count not be in Bush's favor. Count on it. Nader on the ballot means one thing: that votes will be shifted from Kerry to Nader to keep the democrats attacking Nader instead of Bush (it worked so well in 2000, there's no chance it won't be done again). Of course, if Nader wasn't on the ballot they would just divert votes to another third party candidate so it doesn't change all that much, except that it will allow the democrats to be easily manipulated, yet again.

Congratulations... 14.Sep.2004 15:35

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

<i>Here I am admitting the Democrats have their faults...</i>

Congratulations, Big Guy !! Your medal's in the mail !!


Moron 14.Sep.2004 17:03

George Bender

Democrat stupidity continues.

You're Missing The Point 15.Sep.2004 13:36

Mistletoe Angel

Nader has every right to run if he wants, he should just be honest about WHAT he's running for.

If he wants to run as a Republican, then he should openly declare he's working with the Republicans.

Noah Eaton

"Mistletoe" 15.Sep.2004 13:56

not a Nader supporter

How many republicans do you know that are calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush?

Could it be that the democrats are worried about how bad Nader is making them look (both through their anti-democracy actions and his solid attacks on Bush while Kerry sits and plays nice)?

And, speaking of running as a republican, given that the democrats are allowing Bush to be on the ballot illegally in many states why don't they just change their party name to Republican since that's who they seem to want to help in this election?

Less Talk, More Evidence 16.Sep.2004 11:09

Mistletoe Angel

Let me be a judge of the Democrats/Republicans ballot controversy.

I've heard much talk here about the Democrats helping the Republicans get on the ballot illegally in Alabama, blah blah blah. But I've seen very little evidence to support that claim here. How am I supposed to believe this if few are giving the details? After all, that's how Fox News gets away with everything; they run by a sound byte and before one can decipher it is a Fox News memo blurb, it is sold across all mass media outlets. Prove to me this is an exception of that sort of sale.

After all, Alabama is a heavily Republican state as it is, and I'm sure any election year the Republicans would make it on the ballot in an instant single-handedly.

My mind is open and if you got this information from a credible source of sorts then I will take in in far more than a grain of salt. Should this be true in my mind, yes, I'll have my own sort of growing grudge with those Democrats. It still won't get me to not vote for Kerry, but get me believing once Kerry is possibly elected, next we can get to the dirt under the Democrats' fingernails and either shape them to match what their party's name represents, or let a third party demonstrate what the epitome of democracy is. I believe there are similarities between these two major parties, but the difference is that the Republicans are destroying democracy physically, while the Democrats are damaging democracy through their silence or lack of guts. With those like ourselves to mentor them, perhaps in breaking the silence they can find their awakening and call upon the likes of Cobb and others to advise strengthening the party's resolve.

To put it more simply, these are inarguably troubling times and I believe we must support the least wronged of these wronged candidates. Bush? Heck no. Nader? Tough luck, buddy, you have no chance at winning. Kerry? Eh, he's far from ideal or innocent, but, he has a far better shot than Nader and less harmful than Bush. (shrugs) I'll go Kerry.

Noah Eaton

do your own homework next time 22.Sep.2004 01:33

not a Nader supporter


In other news, the Democrat-controlled general assembly voted 108-0 to bend state election law to allow President Bush to appear on the Nov. ballot (the bill has already passed the Democrat-controlled state senate). Current election law requires candidates to be certified by the end of August, but Bush would not have officially received the nomination until Sept. 2 at the Republican national convention.

Without the special exception, Bush would have had to collect 40,000 signatures by the June 21st filing deadline for independents and new parties -- the same requirement Ralph Nader, the Greens and the Libertarians have to abide by. The Bush bill goes before Gov. Blagojevich, who is expected to sign.



Democratic Secretary of State Kevin Shelley said he'll sponsor a bill allowing Republicans to place President Bush's name on the state's November 2004 ballot -- despite the GOP decision to schedule its national presidential nominating convention after California's legal filing deadline for candidates.

The unusually cooperative bipartisan gesture by Shelley will allow the president to avoid the embarrassment of being a write-in candidate in the nation's most populous state -- where the election code mandates candidates must be certified 68 days before voters go to the polls.



Democrats and Republicans have been wrangling for weeks over granting an exception so Bush's name can appear on ballots this fall. Democrats originally tried to link the issue to some changes they wanted in state election law.


Enjoy growing your new grudge.