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'Bruised' and Sprawling on Ground, PETA Beauty Bares All, Including Truth Behind Circus's Phony Claims

For Immediate Release:
September 14, 2004

Brandi Valladolid 757-622-7382

Portland, Ore. — Wearing nothing but shackles and covered in "scars" and "bruises" as a result of violent "beatings"—an everyday reality for animals in circuses—Wendy Girard, a tall, curvy blonde, will protest the arrival of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus with a banner that reads, "Shackled, Lonely, Beaten," and directs onlookers to PETA's Web site Circuses.com. The protest is a live reenactment of a PETA billboard ad featuring Australian supermodel Imogen Bailey that was banned in cities across the country. Some activists will show footage of elephant beatings on "body screen" TVs, while others will pass out leaflets. The action comes in the wake of the death of yet another animal at the hands of Ringling:

Date: Wednesday, September 15
Time: 12 noon sharp
Place: Ankeny Plaza, S.W. Front St. and Ankeny
PETA billboard ad featuring Australian supermodel Imogen Bailey
PETA billboard ad featuring Australian supermodel Imogen Bailey
PETA Media Center > News Releases


'Bruised' and Sprawling on Ground, PETA Beauty Bares All, Including Truth Behind Circus's Phony Claims

For Immediate Release:
September 14, 2004

Brandi Valladolid 757-622-7382

Portland, Ore. — Wearing nothing but shackles and covered in "scars" and "bruises" as a result of violent "beatings"—an everyday reality for animals in circuses—Wendy Girard, a tall, curvy blonde, will protest the arrival of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus with a banner that reads, "Shackled, Lonely, Beaten," and directs onlookers to PETA's Web site Circuses.com. The protest is a live reenactment of a PETA billboard ad featuring Australian supermodel Imogen Bailey that was banned in cities across the country. Some activists will show footage of elephant beatings on "body screen" TVs, while others will pass out leaflets. The action comes in the wake of the death of yet another animal at the hands of Ringling:

Date: Wednesday, September 15
Time: 12 noon sharp
Place: Ankeny Plaza, S.W. Front St. and Ankeny

On August 5, Ringling destroyed an 8-month-old elephant named Riccardo after he suffered irreparable fractures to both hind legs when he fell off a circus pedestal. Riccardo was undersized when he was born to Ringling elephant Shirley, who was also still a baby—just 7 years old—at the time. Last month, a young, healthy, Ringling lion named Clyde died in a transport cage aboard a train crossing the Mojave Desert in 109°F heat. According to veteran Ringling employee and lion handler Frank Hagan, Ringling's train master refused repeated requests to stop the train to water the lions during the scorching trip from Phoenix, Ariz., to Fresno, Calif.

In order to force wild animals to perform stressful and often painful acts, trainers use metal bullhooks, whips, muzzles, and electric prods. PETA has obtained shocking undercover video footage—some of which it has used to develop a public service announcement—of elephants being beaten with bullhooks by a circus trainer. The violent training methods shown in the video are commonly used in circuses, including Ringling, which is a chronic violator of the federal Animal Welfare Act and has an abysmal history of deaths of animals in its care.

PETA has U.S. government documents showing that Ringling paid $20,000 to settle charges of failing to provide veterinary care to a dying baby elephant. In less than two years, two baby elephants have died, a caged tiger has been shot to death, a horse used in the circus despite a chronic medical condition has died, and a wild-caught sea lion has been found dead in her transport container.

"This cruelty, these beatings are what the circus is desperate to hide from the public," says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. "These animals are not volunteers. They have been deprived of their precious freedom and beaten for a lifetime of cheap tricks."

Broadcast-quality footage of animals abused in circuses and U.S. Department of Agriculture documents detailing Ringling's animal deaths are available. For more information, please visit PETA's Web site Circuses.com. A copy of the billboard that will be reenacted follows.

homepage: homepage: http://www.circuses.com/
phone: phone: (503)-249-9996 IDA

gee, so helpful of PeTA to use naked, beaten woman images 14.Sep.2004 15:10

Nikki Craft

Imagine instead their ad agency hunts up a "contrarian" African Amerikan to get on his knees before a white man, shine his shoes while shuckin' n jivin' with an Amos/Andy grin to make some message about vegetarianism. Should we be duped into taking such an advertisement seriously? Should we be expected to take it as "liberating" because it's framed as "protest" yet upon looking deeper it's just jacking up racial stereotypes and white privilege? Would we be expected to, could we take PeTA seriously? Yet some insist we ought to when they are jacking up sexual stereotypes, male privilege and conservative politics.

Why sidetrack the debate with false arguments? No one is trying to censor PeTA's legal right to discredit their cause. However, it needs to be labeled what it is: Reactionary bigotry and the cooptation of an organization.

Another concern of particular importance at this time is using sexualized women draped in red white and blue in pro-war/government advertisement and propaganda campaigns are a particularly volatile and dangerous alignment with conservative patriotic fundamentalism. If you haven't checked in about how these forces are limiting people's civil rights lately you had better hurry up and do so? People are being slaughtered all over the world because of it.

PeTA's come out exorbitantly pro-war. Ingrid Newkirk is talking about how great the Armed Forces are, how "vegan" food is being dropped on Afghanistan, how the Army offers vegan options, and that PeTA had a link from their site. Wow! This is PeTA's idea of political success?

PeTA: Where Only Women Are Treated Like Meat:

"The thing about PeTA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign, now in its ninth controversial year, is that it's meant to be a little tacky, inappropriate and even exploitative. That's the whole point."
--Gear Magazine, July-August 2002

Happy Valentine's Day to PeTA from the US Government:

The upper half of the PeTA advertisement pictured below (Kimberly Hefner less the dildo) originally read "to go vegetarian" appeared as a cut-out poster in "Stars & Stripes," the most widely circulated newspaper on military bases around the world. PeTA hopes to turn the men killing the people in Afghanistan, and around the world, into vegetarians.

I volunteer to be a naked beaten man. 14.Sep.2004 15:30


It might be fun.

Nicki, Nicki 14.Sep.2004 15:57

Don't be so icky

I think the point of a naked person (in this case, a woman) is intended to display the helplessness of an animal in the same situation (being beaten). Get your mind out of the pornographic gutter and into saving animals from abuse. I am sure PETA will do a fantastic artistic presentation. Nowhere did I see that the woman was to be displayed spread out having her private region beaten with a whip.

are you writing a porn ad... 14.Sep.2004 15:59

not amused

or a description of a protest??? We're looking for people genuinely interested in the animal rights movement to show up, not every 14-year-old boy with a hard-on. "a tall, curvy blonde" What the fuck is that. Does it matter what she looks like, or that it's a she. I'm down with what ever type of action people want to do, but I'm not going to participate in something that sounds like the intro to a porn movie.

PETA Sucks 14.Sep.2004 16:20


As a vegetarian of eight and half years, as a womyn, as a human being who has worked against all forms of oppression, I think that what PETA is doing is disgusting. I have spent many years defending their actions to people, and now I am done. As activists, we have to reconize the sources of oppression. Oppression comes from a system that seeks to exploit whatever and whoever it views as an easy target. That is why the circus uses animals, they don't need to be paid, they won't speak up. Using images of battered women to promote an activist campaign is vile. We are living in a world where woman are killed every day by male violence, this is not some funny stunt, this is an insult to the integrity of women. I agree that this action may not be completely graphic or pornographic, but it is promoting images sexy naked women who beaten up, linking sex and violence, and thus promoting violence against women. If you want to fight for a cause, why do you have to oppress someone else in the process. Fuck PETA, there are activists out there who are enlightened about issues of oppression, and then there are single issue morons who are doing harm to their sister and mothers thinking they have an interesting campaign. It is time for thinking people to withdraw their support of this woman hating group.

PeTA fails to connect the dots 14.Sep.2004 16:54


Portraying a beaten, chained woman as sexy and desirable disgusts me. Exploiting women in order to supposedly help animals is short-sighted and self-defeating.

PeTA and Pornographic Culture
A Feminist Analysis of "I'd rather go naked than wear fur"

EcoFeminist response to PeTA's sexism:

an eye for an eye, No! 14.Sep.2004 17:06


I love a solid political protest, but I will not attend this. Because Ringling abuses their animals does not make it ok to portray an abused male or female. I will stay with IDA (In Defense of Animals).

stuffing dollars down her G-String.. (look at the photo) 14.Sep.2004 17:34



Sex sells. PETA has figured that out. Now, I'm not in favor of this type of advertising, but lets look at the photo for a second.

Her hair is neat and combed, her makeup is fresh and sexy, she has that "come hither look".

They could have lifted this photo off of the cover of Hustler magazine and nobody would know the difference.

She might as well be a stripper in one of those fake cages at a stripe club. The only thing missing is someone stuffing dollars down her g-string...

Its not the look of an abused animal..

Dude, 14.Sep.2004 17:35


this is just sick- i can see every fucked up masochist male turning up just to see a woman being subjegated. i suppose they could have tried somehow to make this not sexual- but instead they intentionally make it so, even into their advertising.
lets go throw a blanket on her.

Yet another PETA ad 14.Sep.2004 17:49


I did a google image search and found this.

 link to images.google.com

It seems she poses like this a lot...

Imogen Bailey
Imogen Bailey

PETA & SEXISM 14.Sep.2004 17:59

why i'm not a card carrying member...

"Don't be so icky" says "(in this case a woman)." Uh...yeah, a tall curvy blonde who bares all...this is not about naked vulnerable humans. This is about beaten vulernable woman as sexy. This is about objectifying women and continuing industry advertising that degrades women's self-esteem and parading it as part of a social movement. PETA has a horrible history of sexist ads. My favorite was the one of a woman with "fur" around her bikini line that read "Fur Trim. Unattractive." They defended this add in Ms. Magazine by arguing that women had tried that not shaving thing in the 60s and now we all agreed that it really was ugly. PETA's sexist advertisments and stunts disgust me. It is about commodifying sex and ultimately commodifying and selling (out) our politics.

Nice priorities PeTA, YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!! 14.Sep.2004 18:23


Sex, Violence and inEquality!!!!!! How about you keep your sexist, exploitative and visually abusive adds to yourselves!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx, no really THANK YOU.

Business as usual for PETA 14.Sep.2004 18:27

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I know plenty of vegetarians, vegans, and so on who are rowing with both oars in the water, but Ingrid Newkirk most definitely isn't. She's a vile excuse for a human being and her organization is a pile of festering, opportunistic, sexist horseshit. Everything they do, from this "beaten pretty girl as symbol of a poor abused animal" down to Newkirk insulting women who were offended at an ad she championed that depicted female genital hair as disgusting (wearing you own human "fur" = wearing animal fur, if you're a woman. hardy har har. [fume]) is calculated to appeal to the worst instincts in the human soul. Or in the hetero male's gonads. Take your pick. Newkirk sure as hell can't tell the difference.

Kiss my ass, PETA.

Peta continues to use women's bodies to make their point 14.Sep.2004 20:01


This has been an ongoing pattern with Peta, stretching back as far as I can remember. Sadly, it both obscures the very real work this organization does on behalf of animals, and perpetuates the patterns of objectification that lead to the very kind of behaviors Peta seeks to end.

As always, I'm torn by their tactics. On one hand, acts such as this one are virtually guaranteed to bring media attention to their cause. The fact is, circuses are cruel and inhumane, and people are very slow to realize this. Sometimes, it takes an extraordinary publicity stunt to make a point. (As a friend recently said to me about this very organization, "Whatever fucking works." I've found that's often very good advice.)

However, on the other hand, I find it more than disturbing that Peta's publicity stunts and promotional materials very, very often use women's bodies in an objectifying and degrading manner. (I think the worst I've seen yet is the postcards, refrigerator magnets, and posters with the naked dead woman laying on the slab. It reads something like, "I'd rather die than wear fur.")

I find much of the work that Peta does on behalf of animals to be worthy of praise, but I find this penchant for portraying women as objects more than offensive. Substituting the objectification of women for that of animals is no solution. Thanks to Nikki, "feminist" and "not a card carrying member" for the right-on analysis of this garbage. As Feminist says, so-called "domestic" violence takes women's lives every day. If you want a real eye-opener, go down and volunteer at any women's shelter. You will see unimaginable violence. This is nothing to glorify and sexualize. This is reprehensible.

Could it be? 14.Sep.2004 20:06


That PETA has been taken over by people who want to sabotage the cause by making it a laughing stock?

Silly monkey 14.Sep.2004 21:23

sex sells

Denial or the message. Commercialism discovered that sex sells. Period.

Why--thats not the issue. The issue is persuation. Nature decided a glandular response to sexual stimuli. Now Why the skinny little girl is beautiful may be taught by the media as opposed to bertha and the butt sisters is a historical accident or modern medicine. Not that our society takes pleasure of victimisation. Now that is weird. Perhaps its fear of pain. I dont know that either. My point is sex sells.

yes, sex sells 15.Sep.2004 00:31

so does violence

The questions are what does it sell, to who, and what are the consequences.

I volunteer. 15.Sep.2004 02:56

Potentially Naked Man

Really, why don't you take me up on the offer? If I were a woman, I bet you would.

Makes the point, doesn't it?

Sex sells...what's your point? 15.Sep.2004 06:39


Thanks to the poster right below, who asks what it sells, to whom, and what are the consequences. Well said!

First, if you believe sex is the only way to "sell" this message, why use a naked and chained woman? Why does Peta ALWAYS use women's bodies in this manner, and not men's bodies? Isn't a naked man as sexual as a naked woman's? Just not as sold-out.

Second, it's a sad statement about our constant marination in the poisoned well of capitalism that you can't imagine communicating a message without "selling" it. To "sell" something is to manipulate others into buying, generally in a manner which is dishonest and underhanded. The use of a naked woman to force someone to look at your "product" for example. As IDA and other animal rights groups have long known, the ethical treatment of animals is not a "product." Turning ideas and living beings into products is the source of the problem, not the solution.

There are many creative ways to tell this story that do not involve the cheap and gratuitous exploitation of women. Peta just never looks for those other ways. I'm astounded that people who dedicate themselves to ending the exploitation of animals cannot recognize the connection between the exploitation and sale of women as objects and the exploitation and sale of animals as objects. Even after decades of criticism on this very issue, they still don't get it. Curious.

Thanks Joe 15.Sep.2004 08:59


..thanks for showing us a portion of her resume
for this protest/job/self-promotion act of hers...

PETA took a turn about mid-nineties with their ads..
Somebody ..the wrong person..talked them into this sex/shock/HATE ad
direction that is worst than some of the most evil big ad houses.

That is when I and a few friends walked away from PETA.

Besides that...infighting in the animal rights community is
a reason I stay away and do my own work by myself.

This comment is not inteneded to slander PETA.They have accomplished a
a great deal along the way though hard work along the way.

Why don't WE work locally and demand this city ban circuses from Portland, PETTING ZOOS TOO!

SAD 16.Sep.2004 00:03


I think it is so sad that we have completely lost site of the real issue here. Animals are being tortured all over the world in circuses, farms, laboratories, etc., and Peta is doing what they can to draw attention to it and stop it. I am not saying that I completely agree with their tactics (since I'm a woman and I obviously notice the sexism) but I still try to focus on all the positive things Peta has done for animals. There are plenty of sexist organizations out there, why don't we criticize one that's not doing great work for animals?? I applaud Peta and what they do for animals! Thanks Peta!

ouch 16.Sep.2004 00:11

the cow you had for dinner

A lot of animal-rights activists just see what's happening to other vertebrates as such an immense horrifying holocaust that human-vs.-human issues like sexism & racism seem trivial by comparison.

And they have a point.

Their agenda is to reduce human terror and violence against the animal kingdom as much as possible, as quickly as possible, by whatever means they can get away with. Some of them slip "animal rights" in there with a long laundry list of other lefty priorities and try to "balance" them all out. Some don't. Sea Shepherd, for instance, doesn't give a fuck if people think they're racists. They just don't care. PETA doesn't seem to care if people think they're pornographers.

And the mainstreaming of porn and resurgence of open misogyny among young men in America hasn't helped any either. It's not just PETA. Have you looked at the back of the Willy Week or the Mercury lately?

dj 16.Sep.2004 01:36


It is sad that people have lost sight of the real issue, as you said. But PETA doesn't draw attention to the abuse of animals with these ads. PETA draws attention to a naked woman. They are making a big mistake here.

"the real issue" 16.Sep.2004 07:44


With every pornographic image of a "sexy" beaten and chained woman, how much do you think PeTA actually helps th ecause of animal rights? while that is very debatable, on ething is for sure: with every such degrading image, women are being oppressed and sexist attitudes are being reinforced in men. And in a world where men rape, beat, and kill women, I would appreciate if people didn't spell out what the supposedly "real" issue at stake is here. All things are related. Nothing happens in a vacuum. And I won't excuse something harmful merely because it claims to help another cause.

Don't buy into oppression 16.Sep.2004 09:54

I'm not buying it

So, quite a few of you say, "sex sells" - don't you really mean sexualized females sell - as if that makes it okay. Well, just because that's what's selling doesn't mean we have to buy it.

Open your eyes, sexism and animal exploitation are hot items. The fact that they both come wrapped in the same package should tell you something.

Other thing that sell include: racism, nationalism, homophobia, violence, war, classism, environmental destruction, and ... Well you get the point.

"It's not what they're selling, it's what you're buying." -- Fugazi

Boycott misogony and animal exploitation. Boycott PeTA!

On "the real issue" 16.Sep.2004 11:57

To dj

It was PETA who took the spotlight off the "real issue" by parading a naked woman out in shackles instead of a more creative, less offensive stunt. Surely they understood people would be talking more about that than whatever else they were trying to say. And apparently, they didn't even SAY whatever it was they were trying to say. See  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/09/297508.shtml for a description of how they didn't even tell anyone what the fuck they were doing out there.

Sexism, abuse of animals, and all other forms of oppression: THESE ARE THE ISSUES. Peta should have paid more attention to them and less attention to what might entice a Budweiser commercial to sponsor their activist.

Peta disgusts me. 16.Sep.2004 12:57


Does peta really think this helps get their message across? It's more likely to arouse someone sexually than inspire sympathy with animals. Their alliance with playboy sickens me. As a vegan, i care very much about animal rights. However, degrading and objectifying women and portraying them as animals (in Baltimore a peta protest involved a naked woman painted as a tiger in a cage in the middle of winter) is NOT alright for the sake of animal liberation. Human equality should not be made secondary to animal liberation.

In Defense of PETA 16.Sep.2004 13:01

a feminist capable of ratiocination

This model willingly volunteered her alluring physical appearance to attract attention to an ethical concern she cares about.

We're not talking about child sex slavery or spousal rape here, both of which I consider issues of serious concern to feminists. When we've gotten rid of these from society then maybe we can waste time worrying about whether some billboard image promotes negative perspectives of women.

As a non-self-hating feminist, I admire women who use their beauty to their advantage. I freely admit that this model is far hotter than I, and mad propz to her for doing this ad.

I really want to liberate my sex and my gender, but damn... stop whining about this ad.

ARE you capable of reasoning? Really, AFCOR? 16.Sep.2004 13:51


Everyone here is capable of symbolic thought and reasoning. You imply that those who object to PeTA's objectification of women and promotion of the sexiness of beaten women is thoughtless. You also imply that those feminists who disagree with you are "self-hating". Both are fallacies, and you provide no evidence to back them up. Rather, you invalidate the feelings of people, some of which may very well have been the female victims of REAL beatings. Do you think such a thing is sexy?

Do you think beauty should be the ONLY thing women take advantage of? So do anti-feminists. And as long as we're talking about sexism and the promotion of sexist and degrading images, we ARE talking about child sex slavery and spousal rape. You boldly declare that sexism is only secondary concern to animal rights (yet another point anti-feminists would agree heartily with you on), yet you provide no reason for this. Your comment is almost entirely devoid of ratiocination. You utterly fail to realize the direct link between sexism and speciesism and other imbalances of power. Maybe you should spend more time actually ratiocinating instead of comparing your own beauty to those of models. Just a thought.

wierdo 16.Sep.2004 15:05

monkey man

1. naked........

2. Beauty.......

3. Objectify....

5. Purpose......

6. Animals in pain.....
Priorities of miss Manners
Priorities of miss Manners

HOT 18 YEAR old ANARCHIST MALE 19.Sep.2004 21:32



props to catwoman for the idea.