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would anyone like to sell DIY art, crafts and zines at a free fair?

cooool DIY fair, amde possible by emailing me.
hi, my name is manush and me and my roomates want to throw a free diy art fair at our house sometime in early oct, maybe earlier, once we settle in, (just moved in) and we want strictly DIY artists to come forth, no yuppies, or profeesionals! no more saturday market kind of bullshit!we are located by the trader joes in se, near holgate/39th, which isn't that out of the way. i am an artist too, and i have been loooking for a place that will let us sell stuff for free, but to no avail, so the last sanctuary would be my own home, which is big enough. i think its very important that we be abke to sell for free because then the vendors have a chance at making a profit, instead of breaking even by paying $30 for a booth space. we need people to come perform or sell paintings, zines, comics,crafts, jewelry, stickers and clothes, pads, etc, and it would be nice if people could offer up some tables, because we don't have that many, but other wise it should be a cheap affair, because i can make advertisements free. anyways, email me back, if you are interested, because ill just email people when i do organize it.thanks.
whats is DIY 15.Sep.2004 06:27


its not real clear to me what diy is..