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Come to GEEK FAIR 2004!! - Next Saturday 9/18

***GEEK FAIR 2004***Saturday, September 18th 2 pm to 9 pm***

FREE GEEK, Southeast Portland's computer reuse and recycling non-profit, will be hosting their annual GEEK FAIR on Saturday, September 18. Festivities will commence around 2:00 pm outside the Community Technology Center (1731 SE 10th Avenue, two and half blocks south of Hawthorne Blvd.) and continue until around 9:00 pm.
"Recharge the L-Wing" is the theme for this year's fundraiser and community street fair. FREE GEEK needs to raise $2,500 to purchase a new battery for their trusty old forklift, geekily known as the "L-Wing Fighter". Folks can help FREE GEEK by purchasing raffle tickets or participating in our silent auction. This year's raffle grand prize is a laptop computeróbut there are lots of other cool prizes to increase your chances of winning! GEEK FAIR will rock enthusiastically but perhaps awkwardly to the music of local bands the Bad Mintons, Shicky Gnarowitz and Brotherhood of the Orange Cone. The whole family is invited to enjoy music, food, prizes, geeky game show, booths, workshops, fire dancers, and robots! Lots and lots of robots.

GEEK FAIR is a FREE event, made possible by The City Repair Project, KBOO 90.7 FM Community Radio, Computer Bits Magazine, Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Association and the fabulous Free Geek staff and volunteers!

For more info, please visit  http://freegeek.org/geekfair/!

homepage: homepage: http://freegeek.org/geekfair/
address: address: 1731 SE 10th, 2 1/2 blocks south of Hawthorne Blvd.