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God Bless Amerika--What a Weekend!

Where is the outrage, or even the slightest hint of recogniton, of the US public over the horrific killings by the Amerikan military against Iraqi civilians, especially over the past several days?
While we were drinking beer and cheering Weekend Opening NFL games, screening "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" to the top of the box office charts, praying hard for Ophrah audience tickets, and making sure our kids' back-to-school clothes matched everyone else, the Incredible Amerikan Murder Machine has been absolutely slaughtering Iraqis.

Drive an ambulance?

Cheer a burning occupation vehicle?

Set up a market stall?

Walking through Ramadi?

Seeking shelter in Fallujah?

All reasons enough for you and yours to draw brilliant US hellfire. Seems the Amerikan military is really pissed the tough occupation resistance won't simply show itself and surrender.

Somebody's gotta fuckin' PAY, dont cha know?!!!

Oh yes, we also remembered the dead of 9-11 over the weekend, didn't we? And hey, wasn't this a great way to say God Bless Amerika?! For more, please consult the following brief samplings pieced together from today's news agencies worldwide:

---The U.S. military said jets carried out a "precision strike" on a site in Fallujah where forces loyal to Jordanian-born terror suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were meeting. However, hospital officials said women and children were among the dead. Witnesses said the bombing targeted the city's residential al-Shurta neighborhood, damaging buildings and raising clouds of black smoke.
News agency reports from Falluja that the air strikes killed at least 16 civilians, including women and children.

---An ambulance rushing from the area of the blasts was hit by a shell, killing the driver, a paramedic and five patients inside the vehicle, said another hospital official, Hamid Salaman. "The conditions here are miserable an ambulance was bombed, three houses destroyed and men and women killed," the hospital's director, Rafayi Hayad al-Esawi, told pan-Arab Al-Jazeera television by telephone. "The American army has no morals."

---At least 37 people were killed in Baghdad alone. Many of them died when a U.S. helicopter fired on a disabled U.S. Bradley fighting vehicle as Iraqis swarmed around it, cheering, throwing stones and waving the black and yellow sunburst banner of Iraq's most-feared terror organization. The dead from the helicopter strike included Arab television reporter Mazen al-Tumeizi. An Iraqi cameraman working for the Reuters news agency and an Iraqi freelance photographer for Getty Images were wounded.

---US snipers have killed at least 11 people in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, while air strikes on nearby Falluja town have left 18 people dead. Dr Khamis al-Saad, general director of Ramadi hospital told Aljazeera that 11 people including a woman and children were killed and another 18 wounded under US fire on Monday. Ambulances and medical teams were targeted by US snipers in different areas of Ramadi particularly near hospitals for women and children, al-Saad said. Two ambulance drivers and members of medical teams on board the vehicles were also killed, he said.

---Witnesses said US warplanes swooped low over the city and some of the shelling appeared to be coming from American artillery units deployed on Falluja's outskirts. One explosion went off in a market place as the first stall owners had just begun to set up their stalls, wounding several people and shattering windows, witnesses said. Others saw black columns of smoke rising over Falluja and said hundreds of families had begun leaving the town which is largely under the control of those fighting US forces and the American-backed interim Iraqi government. An Iraqi journalist told Aljazeera that fierce clashes had also erupted near the city's northern gate. Several US army tanks have been stationed at the gate. The southern gate of the town has been closed. The journalist said casualty figures were expected to rise as the clashes showed no sign of abating. US tanks were also bombing homes in al-Jughaivi neighbourhood near the northern gate.

here is why: 13.Sep.2004 15:52

vote for jeffrey St.Clair for President

Well, you see, we would pay attention, but the President says we have to fight all the terrorists, 'cause they are evil. And they "Hate America", oh, and also, the N.F.L. started up, and also another zombie movie came out, and tennis was on, and lemme see...I'm sure Mary Kay and her sister may have bought some shoes or something, we better get that on "E.T". Plus, FOX News, which is fair and balanced, so, we should believe them, says we are winning "the war", and these people hate America, because "we have freedom"...So, what's the problem...you're not one of those "blame America first" people are you ?...oh I gotta run, Jerry Springer is on now !

another image 13.Sep.2004 16:06


(Max Becherer/Polaris photo credit, for The New York Times)
Iraqis celebrated near an American military vehicle bombed on Haifa Street. Six Americans were wounded in the attack. American helicopters later fired at it, the military said, after being fired upon from the ground.

notice all the people close by in the background? and Amerikan copters fired right into the crowd shortly after this pix was taken. I don't care if it was fired on. They should have simply flown away. but no, the incredible hulking Amerikans had to send a freakin' message. of savage killing.

no wonder the world now sees the Israelis and Amerikans as one

Both 13.Sep.2004 17:59


are seeds of the future the american have made for themselves. THe US can fake an election and say things have changed, but they are fighting a culture that does not forget and history and technology have assured us that these deeds will not go unpunished. Time is on their side.

C* 14.Sep.2004 02:18


al-Zarqawi has died and risen again from the dead so often, we should worry about which side is God really on.