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"BUSKERS4CHANGE" seeks street performers

BUSKERS4CHANGE seeking street performers for Bellingham WA

* Please note true to the real and original definition of a busker you would collect tips from the public at large, this festival is merely seeking performers.
WHAT: "BUSKERS4CHANGE" an exciting street festival this Fall.
WHEN: Friday Night October the 1st, 6 till 9pm
WHERE: Downtown Bellingham
CONTACT: Mrs. Wendy LeBlanc :  buskers4change@hotmail.com

Come to "Buskers 4 Change" an exciting and vibrant street festival this October !

- Come meet local political candidates
- See and hear diverse and entertaining street performers
- Enjoy the "Downtown Gallery Walk"
- Last day to register to vote (and we'll show you how easy it is)
- Come on down to the Pickford Theatre to watch: "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train" a documentary which features noted author Howard Zinn.

*** NOTE: We still need more jugglers, stilt walkers, artists, musicians, mimes, human statues, poets, and other talented people ! Are you creative ? What can you do ?

*** NOTE: "clean acts" only please "family atmosphere encouraged"

Please E MAIL your skills, talents, and questions to :  buskers4change@hotmail.com
this fair does not pay buskers by the way 13.Sep.2004 17:43

kirsten anderberg aka Mother Zosima

Just so it is clear, the fair is not paying buskers anything. It is allowing buskers to play on a street with a contract somehow (?) It seems if it is on public streets we would not be signing anything. But anyway, since many busker venues *do* pay the buskers, in addition to allowing the collection of tips, I wanted to save buskers time if you thought they might be paying like many other busker venues.

Why do you tell people it is misleading ? 14.Sep.2004 07:43


You are stating falsehoods. if there is advance payment you are not a "busker" by definition, you are a professional musician. So this is a true and accurate representation. I think your own web site then is misleading as it talks about how you pass the hat and all that,and how your life is dependent on being able to be going from place to place. seems you are hypocritical to me. I can't believe you think a busker who plays a street fair should get advance monies.

sick of people exploiting buskers 14.Sep.2004 19:40

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

Are you a busker? Then quit talking FOR us! You are *not* a busker. You are a business person. Do not tell me about busking! How dare you question my speaking about busking due to your business perspective? I am sick of corporations and business thinking they can exploit street performers, using us for free. If you have a budget, and you want street performers present, yes, you should PAY us if you want to GUARANTEE we show for you. If you want to risk buskers maybe showing or not, then do not pay us. Another paying venue may win the buskers that weekend by paying or having a cooler venue. You do not get it.

Let me spell out a clear example for you. Back in the 1980's the Bumbershoot festival, the Bumbershoot festival was advertising "Street Performers" as part of its ad campaign to draw audiences, yet street performers were literally being charged money to enter the grounds to busk. The year this broke open was when they actually used a popular st performer's PICTURE on their posters and ads. We united and told them they were paying all the other performers they were using in ads, but somehow were charging us to play there, while advertising us being there...and we were not cool with it. They began to let us enter through a special gate without paying. The last few years they have paid buskers equal to other stages on the Busker Stage.
So take your idealized crap about how you can exploit buskers to your own agenda somewhere else. I am fully aware of what I speak. They also pay the buskers at the Pike Place Market Busker Festival. They also pay the wandering ambiance at the Oregon Country Fair. HELLO!! Paying for buskers to definitely show is a regular pratice.

Buskers can play on ANY streets for tips. Why would they go to Bellingham for that? If you want quality buskers and you want them to show, you need to treat them like you treat the rest of the world and pay them. If you want to take your chances on us showing or not, then do not pay us, we will use the streets if and when we want and you have no say over it. I also found it shocking that you wanted people to sign a CONTRACT with you to perform on public streets for no money!! What the hell is up with THAT?!

You got so mad 'cause I called you on it. 15.Sep.2004 09:33


What are you talking about?!

I am not a "business person" (though you are I see) or have anything to do with a business or that group even.I don't live up there !! Stop presuming. I happened to notice you want advance payment, and that is not what a busker is or does. If you want advance payment you are not busking plain and simple! Why are you putting down an entire festival that you aren't even going to ? That is a professional musician if you get money ahead of time.Look it up in the dictionary before you get all huffed up about it why don't you. Here it is from the Cambridge dictionary :

busk   [Show phonetics]
verb [I] UK
to play music or sing in a public place so that the people who are there will give money

Notice "will give money" ...

Anyways back to arguing with the Kerry people now...

seattle market people 15.Sep.2004 09:48

used to try and busk

I live in seattle and those Pike place people do get paid money to put a show on. So they really arent buskers sad to say.not many "real" ones left in the country.

Nonbuskers telling buskers what buskers are! Phooey! 15.Sep.2004 20:23

kirsten anderberg aka Mother zosima kirstena@resist.ca

"You got so mad 'cause I called you on it."

I have NO clue what you are referring to...called me on what?!

In response to: "I happened to notice you want advance payment, and that is not what a busker is or does. If you want advance payment you are not busking plain and simple!"

Um, please reread what I wrote. If you want to GUARANTEE buskers show, you pay them above and beyond *allowing* them to collect tips. Yes. If you want to take a crap shoot at them showing, then you do not pay them. DO NOT tell me what a busker does MY DEAR. I have been a busker my whole fucking life. DO NOT DARE tell ME what a BUSKER DOES OR IS due to your scouring dictionaries!!! And as I said, MANY MANY venues PAY street performers and buskers and they are still *gasp* BUSKERS! You have no idea what you are talking about. As I said, Bumbershoot, the Pike Place Busker Festival and the Oregon Country Fair, for example, ALL pay *buskers*, and they remain *buskers* even when paid by those places to show, so what the fuck are you talking about????

"Why are you putting down an entire festival that you aren't even going to?"

I said you were trying to give out contracts to play on a public street for nothing in return. Yeah, okay that is stupid, weird and ridiculous. And you are not paying. Okay, so you may have no quality show. But that is your call. I am not putting it down, I am merely giving buskers the heads up so they do not waste time with you as your first ad clearly did NOT make it clear you were not paying buskers. And you seem to be "contracting" for control of material performed yet the busker gets ZERO for those contracts. (And yes, I have heard your crazy *theory* on not paying buskers now enough.)

"That is a professional musician if you get money ahead of time.Look it up in the dictionary before you get all huffed up about it why don't you. Here it is from the Cambridge dictionary :Definition:
busk [Show phonetics]
verb [I] UK
to play music or sing in a public place so that the people who are there will give money...Notice "will give money" ..."

Okay more of your crazy busker theory. Let me explain it AGAIN. Being paid to guarantee you SHOW UP to busk a certain fair does not negate the busking for tips!!! DDUUHHHHHHH! When a busker is hired for the OCF, BUmbershoot or the Pike Place Busker Festival, they do not all of a sudden become non-buskers! We do not need you rationalizing the exploitation of street performers based on what you read in a dictionary! And we certainly do not need to sign a CONTRACT with ANYONE to perform on Bellingham streets! You know that as well as I do...so WHAT IS UP WITH THE CONTRACT FOR A RIGHT WE ALREADY HAVE????? ANSWER THAT. Why are you "contracting" performers when you are not giving them any money and are merely *allowing* them public streets to perform on? Where is the contract part of that controlling measure for the busker? What does the busker get for his signature with you on that contract that he would not already have without signing your contract? CAN YOU answer that?

I think the one getting called out here is you, the one who is speaking for buskers without knowing what we do or how we do it!

capitalizing things does not make your argument sound 16.Sep.2004 08:55



AND MY "DEAR" YOU ARE STILL WRONG. People getting ADVANCE money from any festival anywhere means they are professional musicians.You just don't like that and you would prefer to think of yourself as a struggling amateur. YES performers may be hired ahead of time at a festival and play there for tips but they are then professionals. Jeez.The general public commonly refers America as having a "two party system" though that is also an incorrect statement. Just because something is repeated over and over does not make it so.

Sidenote: saying "don't you dare tell me" shows you are closed minded and not open to a true discussion or debate as a liberal progressive should be.

Busking in Seattle's Pike Place Market (The FACTS) 19.Sep.2005 00:51

Niceol Blue niceolblue@yahoo.com

I just happened upon this thread when doing a search about my own occupation and the very festival I have helped to produce for the past 4 years, and it has confirmed something that I had suspected was true: That there is a rumor about that we, the buskers in The Pike Place Market get paid to do what we do. This is ENTIRELY UNTRUE. Not only do we not get paid to busk in the market, on the contary, we have to pay to do so, to the tune of 30.00 per year. So to the person who said we get paid: Check your facts before you spout off, please.

Secondly, Kirsten is correct in stating that every Buskers' Festival worth it's salt offers some sort of compensation to the Buskers that play FOR THE SPECIAL EVENT. Including the Pike Place Market Buskers Festival. However. We do NOT pay in advance, not at all, and I don't know of one Buskers Festival that does (Most are competitions that offer prizes). At the Pike Place Market Buskers' Festival specifically, we offer a "Thankyou Gift" POST PERFORMANCE, of whatever extra money we have left after the production costs of putting on an all-day, 3 stage 40 + act show. That gift has NEVER been more than 30.00 per act, btw.

So. To sum up. There ARE true Buskers left, all over the world, none of us get paid in advance, but for festivals and the like most of us get compensation, even of only in "Prize" form.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to find out about Busking in general, you can start at www.pikemarketbuskers.org
Thank You.

Niceol Blue