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Putin to restructure Russian government

More power to the executive-is the answer, just as the 911 commision says...
I like Putins Style
I like Putins Style

Putin to restructure Russian government
09/13/2004 15:59
During a meeting in the White House on Monday, Russian president Vladimir Putin has made a statement that is going to change the entire political structure of Russia completely.

Apparently, there has been .....
Most likely, Putin will ask the governors to provide maximum help to the law-enforcement officials, reports "Izvestia".

As a prelude to the Monday"s meeting, president Putin has held a conference with members of Security Council this past Saturday. All major officials were present including Nikolay Patrushev, Sergey Ivanov, Rashid Nurgaliev, Sergey Lebedev, government officials as well as members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kremlin authorities. President of North Ossetia Alexander Dzasokhov and plenipotentiary of the Southern district Vladimir Yakovlev were also present. Details of the conference have not been revealed.