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Cheney in Eugene Friday

VP Cheney to come to Eugene on Friday
When War Criminals Come to Town 13.Sep.2004 15:39

Lawrence Maushard

Give 'em Hell, Eugene!

Be real interesting to see how the progressive crowd comes out to greet the VEEP on your end of the Willamette Valley, expecially any folks from the OU campus.

Let him know Cheney isn't welcome in Eugene!

So Come On Down.... 13.Sep.2004 15:42

Antinomias Vermont

And be ready to rumble.

location of visit 13.Sep.2004 16:48



"An Oregon Farm (by the Eugene airport)"
28781 Bodenhamer Road
Eugene, OR 97402


--take Hwy 126 (11th St.) west
--right at Green Hill Rd.
--left at Bodenhamer Rd.

see you there

Can Portland Come Out To Play? 13.Sep.2004 20:12

Mother of Sam

This is my plea to the autonomous blocs of Portland - please save us from the gooey progressive vibe here in Eugene - and you, the few, the proud, the ANGRY of Eugene, come see how healthy rage can be

interesting 14.Sep.2004 20:25

show up~!

Funny, I just noticed a Bush/Cheney sign on Green Hill Road in Eugene the other week, and thought it odd... haven't seen much (visible) support for them 'round these parts.