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Another Weapon for the Revolution!

Female emcee DAYZE returns with 'TruthSeeker' a hard-hitting protest album.
With the global masses being exploited and suffering injustices at the hand of the corporate state machine, now is the time for enlightenment and action. Female emcee, DAYZE takes listeners on a lyrical journey from the injustices of globalization, colonization, corporate corruption and public surveillance to income tax protest. Her rhymes are hard-hitting, thought provoking and awaken the mind to activism and protest.

TruthSeeker is on rotation at several college and independent radio stations world wide.
(If you are a DJ and would like a copy to blaze your station with email to get a copy).

Some tracks to note are:
'Tax Evasion Commandments' a break down on how to legally avoid the income tax payment.

'Tired Of You' a poetic illustration on the injustices of globalization. . . 'From respecting the dead and royal decrees/To excavate our kings while yours rest in peace.

'Watching Me [Surveillance]' a condemnation on unnecessary public surveillance as a means of control.

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homepage: homepage: http://stage.vitaminic.com/dayze