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Has anyone considered the possibility that N. Korea was nuked?

A headline I saw got me wondering.
Here is an article on UK IndyMedia:


Now, no where in the article are there any claims that N. Korea was nuked, but the headline provoked some interesting questions.

(1) The explosion in N. Korea looks like a nuclear explosion.

(2) Seismic activity of the blast was picked up in S. Korea. The explosion was much larger than a previous industrial explosion in N. Korea. It sounds like it was much, much, much larger.

(3) Despite the fact that the US would love to exploit a N. Korean nuclear test, the US declares, without providing any reason to believe it, that the test was not nuclear.

Has anyone considered the possibility that N. Korea was nuked by a third party and that N. Korea has not yet determined who that third party is (thus the reason for their silence on the event)?

If that third party was the US or an American ally, could this explain the instant denial that it was nuclear?
Except North Korea has NOT been silent (and versions make sense) 13.Sep.2004 11:42

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

Not only have there been numerous reports form outside North Korea that the "signature" of the blast was non-nuclear but there HAS been an explanation from North Korea saying that it was a conventional blast to remove a mountaintop for a hydroelectic project.

Not difficult to have large conventional blasts on the scale of an atom bomb. Remember that the two dropped on Japan were about the equivalent of 10 kilotons of conventional explosive. That's just over three times more than the accidental detonation of a small freighter laden with about 3000 tons in the harbor of Halifax N.s. during WW I (took out most of Halifax).

The North Koreans didn't specify the connection between a mountaintop removal and a hydro project would be but if that seems mysterious to you, look up what a "pumped storage" hydro facility is.

Korea to Shrub: "Don't f--- with us, Amerika!" 13.Sep.2004 11:55

Lawrence Maushard

Sorry, but I don't think the US would want to or even have the wherewhithal to "exploit" a nuclear test in N. Korea. Are you kidding me?! The last thing Amerika wants to do is deal with a crisis in the Korean penninsula right about now. Shrub and his team doesn't have a clue how to address that kind of panic situation.

Plus, it would neatly fit into Kerry's growing call-out of the Bushies on exactly this type of problem: ignoring important matters while blowing the smithereens outta slums and rebel towns in Iraq.

Also, if N. Korea thought for one second that the US or Seoul or any other Amerika ally had attacked them with a tactical nuke, they wouldn't hesitate to immediately hurl whatever they had -- conventional and nuclear -- right into downtown Seoul, probably destroying the place beyond any chance for habitation for the next decade or so.

No, I believe that if it's a controlled N. Korean test, that the rest of the world will know about it very soon, if they don't already. No way you can pull off an above-ground test, complete with a mushroom cloud, and not have sensors in sorrounding nations pick-up the radioactive fallout.

Even then, the US may want to cover up any nuclear evidence. Like I said, the Amerikans don't want to deal with a radioactive raving N. Korea just now. I saw a story on the quick Amerikan nuke denial which quoted some official it could be a forest fire. Yes, a stupid thing to say. But the speed at which it was delivered makes me think the US knows this is not a big deal.

Actually, I believe the blast day fell on the anniversary of the founding of the N. Korean state. Hell, they probably timed the massive explosion as a means to say, "See me, touch me, feeeeel me" you Imperialist dogs. A weird sense of humor, sure.

But whatcha gonna do?

If 13.Sep.2004 15:09


were nuked the rads will be here Tuesday or Wednesday, check your counter.

If N. Korea Was Nuked... 13.Sep.2004 15:30

My Pet Goat

Seoul would be history by now.

no nukes...probably 15.Sep.2004 11:20


"A diplomat in Pyongyang told AFP that the Stalinist country had even invited foreign diplomats to inspect the site of the explosion."

You wouldn't invite people to come and inspect ground zero of a nuclear blast, silly.


It's Wednesday 15.Sep.2004 19:38


no rads so i guess it was the fat guy at the top farting.