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9.11 investigation

local 9/11 Truth Alliance formed in 2004 -- 1st public action

Barely six months old, members of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance had its first public display last Saturday.
The Multnomah County Central Library held their event, "The September Project: A Communitywide Conversation on Patriotism and Dissent"
and included groups, Oregon Council for the Humanities and City Club of Portland. Author Barry Lopez was the keynote speaker.

The independent Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance held a demonstation in front of the Central Library with their Dot Questions signs, a dozen different unanswered questions concerning the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.
In an unusual gesture for their event, library officials allowed the demonstrators to display their signs to the capacity crowd on the 3rd floor of the library.

Over 500 sets of literature, including the famed "Deception Dollar" were passed out by the group in their first public event.

Additional photos taken at Pioneer Courthouse Square at the end of this page:
Good questions ;-) 13.Sep.2004 06:47

Tony Blair's dog

"Why are the dimensions of the Pentagon hole smaller than the dimensions of an airliner?"


And, now consider this;

Why was there only ONE hole?

A 757 has two big engines, which holes would have made big and
deeper holes than the hollow aluminium tube that makes up the
major aircraft body.


The crash into Pentagon was made with a small ONE engine craft.

Since it is the engines that are the hardest to stop Pentagon must
have had a "force field" la the Death Star to make two big jet engines
that comes roaring in over 500mph just "disappear" before they make
contact with the building.

It seems the planners did not do their job correctly ;-)

Hitler was brilliant 13.Sep.2004 08:26

and evil

Usually evil people are smart, which is why this evil cabal has made our job so much easier. They have exposed themselves all over the place. It is absurd. It is ridiculous that Bush is even running in this election, much less winning, I am really hoping the 911 lies are reaching critical mass and this article has given me more hope. The evil behind 911 involves both bush and Kerry and when the house of cards comes tumbling down, so will they. I just hope it is sooner than later.

Keep up the great work!!



these questions represent dangerous territory for the corporate power structure
and that is why they are so readily dismissed by big media: {and i include the
left " gate keepers " in this category}.

we must make our own media as per this action,use the tools at our disposal to
amp it up; as in this wonderful indy site, and press the issue[s] until the elite
become uncomfortable with our presence and move against us.

we must not allow them to totally control the conversation to the degree that is
now the case. the perfect example of this control is the relatively recent degra-
dation of the word c o n s p i r a c y....as if conspiracies haven't existed
throughout the history of humankind?

i believe this present moment in the historical record with all of its attendant
injustice is far too important to just let it pass without a legitmate show of
forcefull resistance to the corporate domination of our lives.

carry on good people, see you in the streets!

asking questions 13.Sep.2004 15:27


I have some questions surrounding 9-11 that I have seldom heard asked, even by 'the radical left' (here I am talking about the real radical left, not the liberals such as the Nation magazine etc).

First I am convinced, from watching the video evidence, that the twin towers collapse was caused by the airliners, not explosives planted in the WTC. IN order for explosives to have brought down those towers they would have had to have been planted on exactly the floors into which the planes crashed. If you watch the videos of the collapse you will notice that the tops of the buildings buckle, at exactly the floors where the planes crashed. A cloud of dust then exits the holes left by the planes (and this is where certain conspiracy theorists believe they see an explosion taking place out of those holes left by the planes). First explosives would have had to have been placed right where the planes struck the building for this to happen, and second, the explosives would have had to have survived the fires for three quarters of an hour. If you look at the video you can see the blackness from the fire right up the sides of the building. This particular conspiracy theory is just worthless, and when yyou undermine the structure of one side of a heavy building like that and then it tilts over and falls down on that very same hole, it would seem logical to assume that it fell over because it could no longer support the weight after its structure was damaged where that hole was. As for the Pentagon, I have no conclusions to offer there, but the WTC towers were definately brought down by planes, not explosives planted by government agents. This is obvious just by watching the video tape.

This having been said, the really interesting questions here, the questions I never hear anyone asking are such as the following. Why was it that since 1995 the American government was aware of the potential for a suicide plane attack and took no action? Why did the Pentagon run drills in 1999 (during the Clinton administration) preparing for the aftermath of a suicide plane attack, and yet no action was taken to beef up airline security? For example, you could never use an Israeli Elal jet as a suicide bomb, because the security is extremely tight (which is why you never find Israeli passenger jets crashing into the Knesset). Now as for the Bush administration planning wars against Al Queda on September 9th, actually the Clinton administration was already at war with Al Queda, since Al Queda was at war with the United States back in the 1990s as their angry reaction to the massive deaths caused by Sanctions in Iraq as well as the occuption of Muslim countries in the Middle East by U.S. forces. Furthermore, in August, intelligence came through that Osama was planning to strike the United States itself.

None of this new, but the real unanswered questions I have are as follows. What role did corporate special interest groups, concerned with maintaining consumer confidence in flying, have on government non-action concerning airline security before 9-11. What role did the drive for profits and meeting quarterly expectations on Wall Street have on keeping security costs on airplanes lowered (and thus not causing airlines to miss their forecasts by a penny). This sort of behavior is not surprising, even when public safety is in jeopardy, since just a month and a half before the mad cow scandal in Washington, the beef industry got congress to quash mad cow testing once again (since it would cost 3 cents a pound). That the airline industry could quash increased security costs, even when the danger was known for years, would fall into the same general behavior pattern.

As I said, I never hear anyone questioning the role of corporate rule in America, and this is one reason why I don't have much patience with conspiracy theories about bombs in the WTC building. Planes did bring those buildings down, as the video evidence and common sense would suggest, and if this is true, then, if we abandon that particular conspiracy theory, we find ourselves questioning the role of corporations in running the government. And you can see how quickly your perspective changes when you start asking those types of questions, and soon you are questioning public safety in other areas such as mad cow testing, global warming (also to expensive for corporations, so no treaties or agreements will ever be signed by Washington). All these issues, and many other issues which pit public safety against corporate profits are intertwined, and this focus is lost by conspiracy theories about bombs in towers planted by the government. It is a really important shift in focus and it concerns me.

As I said, when I read the really radical left, I never hear them asking these questions, since what I have found is that the really radical left is often promoting the idea that the Bush administration did 9-11 on purpose. Folr this reason my questions about 9-11 are never addressed, since this stand shifts the focus, and I believe it does everyone a disservice in the process. While it is certainly true that the administration benefits from 9-11, in being able to launch wars and seize the oil fields, it would hardly be required that they fake terrorism when there is already so much terrorism, stirred up by their former policies.

So my big question, so far never asked, certainly not by that 9-11 commission, but also not by the liberals like the Nation, or by the truly radical left is this - what role did corporate special interest groups play in creating the conditions that allowed 9-11 to take place. What other dangerous things are happening right now (mad cow, climate change, and who knows what else) where the public is being deliberately exposed to known dangers so as to maintain their 'consumer confidence' in some damn thing or another, and thus maintain those quarterly reports to Wall Street? How we approach 9-11 is very important because this is going to determine how we frame our analysis, our investigation, and our questions....

my mad cow analysis 13.Sep.2004 15:47


we know that the Bush adminsitration was alerted beforehand to the mad cow crisis
we also know that not only did the Bush administration do nothing about that mad cow, they actually tried to facilitate the cover up of the mad cow
therefore, it is logical to assume that the Bush administration did the mad cow scare themeelves, in fact, the Bush administration probably invented mad cow disease and put it into those cows itself

Another question
Why is it the case that the really radical left is capable of making a sensible analysis of corporate state power (the merger of the corporation and the state, which is the defiinition of the term 'fascism') when it comes to analyzing the mad cow episode, but suddenly when it comes time to investigate 9-11 suddenly the radical left proves unable to make any other analysis except that one about how Bush did 9-11. I wouldn't mind so much if my questions about this matter were at least asked, but that doesn't happen either, which tells me that on this issue people are wedded to a narrow agenda, and don't want to risk having the focus shifted away from the agenda they are promioting...for the radical left that agenda is not an investigation of the way fascism really works in America but rather that Bush did 9-11 theory, and so wedded are elements of the radical left to that theory, they won't even ask other questions for fear that the theory might be undermined

Anthony J Hilder - 9-11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold 13.Sep.2004 17:58

robert c rcoones102@msn.com

I have a new video by Anthony J Hilder "The Greatest Lie Ever Sold". Met him in the San Francisco area two weeks ago. Anyone wishing to get the video out to the public please contact me. The Dvd is quite revealing on how the government knew beforehand about the attack and actually participated. Mr Hilder lays it all out for you and backs up what he presents. Jim Marrs, Gary Busey, Erskine, and other well known people are interviewed by him. Please contact

Check out some of the physical evidence 13.Sep.2004 19:16


Check out these links.

Why does the photography the government released on the Pentagon say Sept. 12, 2001? I thought the event happened on on Sept. 11, 2001! And what is that projectile object in the bottom right hand corner? That doesn't look like a Boeing 757 to me.


Here is some video of World Trade Center Building 7 falling down. Nothing hit Building 7. It mysteriously caught on fire a few hours after WTC buildings 1 and 2 collapsed. It was a small fire and was only in one corner of the building. Does this look like a controlled demolition to you?


a debunking of the pentagon theory 13.Sep.2004 20:00


I support investigations into Bush complicity / foreknowledge of 9/11, but I feel that the other stuff is just sloppy thinking. Sure, investigate it all you want, but don't go name calling ("head-in-the-sand" leftist and "gate keepers", etc.) just because we don't agree with you.
The faction within the "9/11 truth" movement (very present here on indymedia) that is focused on shit-talking other activists really makes me not want to read anything else other 9/11 researchers present.

I won't waste much time debating all this (there also is an ultra-dogmatic streak within some of the 9/11 truth movement) but I offer link which I believe successfully debunks pentagon theory:


The Gate Keepers and those they protect 13.Sep.2004 21:24

m m

it's the same old time honored game of --- Follow the Money---

the media gate keepers that i refer to are at the upper end of the info pyramid where the mass consumption takes place, and where the most damage is done to the possibility of honest
open discussion. the money players like The NATION, PBS, and now AIR AMERICA have their funding sources to protect so you know that they wont endorse any real consideration of the troubling questions that remain 3 yrs after the event because they would be punished for that travesty.
i honestly believe that if any of these questions were to start getting play in larger media outlets, there would soon be some very nervous and unhappy corporados working their
magic behind the scenes.
if anyone wants to know how present day human nature plays into all of this, i would recomend an article by August West entitled WHY THEY BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT : LEFT DENIAL
ON 9/11.

Hello mr."brent" and mr."x" 14.Sep.2004 01:19

Tony Blair's dog


click on pics for larger size 14.Sep.2004 02:59

mel r

The people at Pioneer Courthouse Square were innocent bystanders waiting for their free concert (courtesy of KINK102)

Hi there Portland 911 14.Sep.2004 11:53


Portland 911 activists - you know you're needed when you get the comments like we see on this page, Brent, mr x, etc.

>>we know that the Bush adminsitration was alerted beforehand to the mad cow crisis
>>we also know that not only did the Bush administration do nothing about that mad cow, they actually >>tried to facilitate the cover up of the mad cow
>>therefore, it is logical to assume that the Bush administration did the mad cow scare themeelves, in >>fact, the Bush administration probably invented mad cow disease and put it into those cows itself

Unfortuantely, this analogy is meaningless because there was no chance the nation would go to ENDLESS WAR over mad cow. If we did, I would seriously consider that the Bush Admin created Mad Cow.

Just ask who benefit. Follow the money. Etc.

To say that the FAA can be massively incompetent on one area but virtually NEVER in another, is simply called 'denial.' It's hard to begin to imagine what we have to look forward to in the near future. Our world is forever changed and we are entering endless war. It does not benefit us. It only benefits others.

Good luck to this new Portland group. You will have many trying to divide you and take you down. Don't forget that there are many others like you all over the world fighting the same fight to create a better world by exposing this sick scam. You are not alone.

When members try to divide the group, to call others names, to treat *anyone* with disrespect, you have to cope with it in a mature way. Don't fall for what they want - divide and conquer. Keep the lines of communcation open as best as you can. Calling someone COINTELPRO is not a horrible thing, it means that someone is afraid and has had their flags raised over an issue. They need to be heard and acknolwedged and have their fears examined, not shut down as being someone 'trying to wreck the movement.' When no one can express their suspicions, repression is happening. At the same time, calling COINTELPRO at every turn will be disruptive. Time will tell if the accusations have any truth, so there is not need to attack anyone in response.

Just stay to *healthy and mature* dialog (that means not attacking people who cannot have that sort of dialog, but respectfully informing them of what they are doing) and you can ride out a lot of the BS that many will try to use to destroy the group.

Best of luck to all of you! Great to see these pictures.