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The Daily Poetry Movement

This comes from a teen poetry site. Greg Palast has a really good article about the Valdez oil spill in his book the best democracy money can buy. ******* I think it is important to remind you that expressing your love is so important to our movement. Hugs check wires.
Oil Spill
Deborah L., ,

Oil Spill

Midnight oil
Lays upon the
Surface of the
Restless, undulating sea.
Ripped from the
Dark and filthy womb
Of an oil tanker
By the sharp scalpel of a reef.
Reveling in its newfound freedom,
The black slick spreads soundlessly
Greedily engulfing everything in its path.
It spreads its greasy,
Glistening tentacles, and
Poisons the life force of the world
By sending its deadly cancer
To the cradle of fertility below.

by D. L., New City, NY