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Question to PDXIM Readers: Which candidate do Masons, Lions, Rotaries, etc. endorse?

Call them social clubs or civic activists or secret societies, organizations like the Lions and Masons are huge and have a major influence on political thought...
Does anybody know who each of these groups is endorsing among their members? I'm even interested at the local level as I've heard Tom Potter is a Mason and Jim Francesconi is a Rotary.

What about Bush and Kerry? Smith and Wyden?
501(c3) 12.Sep.2004 21:59


Since I am somewhat familiar with the philantrophy of the the Oregon Lions, and other 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (for the purposes of the tax code), these institutions cannot formally endorse a candidate as they are which are barred from political lobbying (including endorsements).

However, what is said off-the record is a different proposition ....

how about you come up with a more creative name? 12.Sep.2004 22:36

the real blank

because this one is already taken. :)