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Norman Solomon's IPA/Ford Foundation Connection

The Militaristic U.S. Establishment's Ford Foundation gave a $200,000 "general support" grant to Norman Solomon's "Institute for Public Accuracy" in 2004.
One reason Norman Solomon's "Institute for Public Accuracy" apparently posted a misleading, politically partisan anti-Nader press release on the IPA website on September 10, 2004 may be because the "Institue for Public Accuracy" is presently being subsidized by the Militaristic U.S. Establishment's Ford Foundation. According to the Ford Foundation website, a grant for "general support" was given to Norman Solomon's IPA in 2004 by the Ford Foundation. In June 2004, a program officer and consultant for the Ford Foundation, Urvashi Vaid, coincidentally, also contributed $4,000 to John Kerry's anti-Nader presidential campaign. That same month, Ford Foundation Trustee Carl Weisbrod also gave a $2,000 campaign contribution to the pro-war candidate John Kerry's presidential campaign. The board of directors of the Ford Foundation-subsidized "Institute for Public Accuracy" also includes the Democratic Party-oriented "alternative media empire-builder" Robert McChesney, who also apparently moonlights as a university professor.

The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's grant money continues to be derived from an unscreened stock portfolio that includes investment in U.S. war stock.