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CIA used Nazis in South American Dictatorships

Some reasons to boycott Exxon, Chase, Citicorp, etc.
With Congress' " Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act" of 1998, many records of CIA collaboration with Nazis are being opened to the public, though still heavily censored in many cases, by the Interagency Working Group (IWG)(see their website:  http://www.archives.gov/iwg ).

PRESCOTT BUSH, Bush jr's grandfather, sold $50 million in bonds for German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, the top financer of the Nazi party. In 1942 the Union Bank, in which Prescott Bush was a director, was closed by the US government under the "Trading with the Enemies Act". $30 million in Nazi bank accounts were confiscated. J.D. ROCKEFELLER II and his sons controlled the following corporations known to have served and supplied the Nazi war effort: STANDARD OIL (todays EXXON), which supplied much of the Nazi's gasoline from South American refineries, and was in a tight business partnership with the German company IG FARBEN. FARBEN built Auschwitz concentration camp as a slave labor camp, where 4 million Jews were killed. Rockefellers' lawyer John McCloy, who was deputy-secretary of Defense, twice blocked a plan to bomb the railroad bridges and gas chambers of Auschwitz. (The Crime and Punishment of IG FARBEN, by Joseph Borkin, Barnes and Noble, details the "business marriage" of STANDARD OIL and FARBEN, including the transfer of 2000 patents to the German war machine). Rockefellers' CHASE MANHATTAN bank served Nazi accounts in Paris, forclosed Jewish accounts, and after the war was involved in transferring the Reichsbank to Swiss and South American accounts. Rockefellers' ITT built important communications systems for the Nazis, and his IBM Corp. built ID machines for the holocaust (source: IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black, Crown Press). In 1952 John McCloy released the Nazi industrialists and gave them back their factories. IG FARBEN was divided into Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF, today among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.-

1947: CIA FOUNDED AS HANDLING AGENCY FOR NAZIS ABSORBED INTO U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: In 1947, Rockefellers' lawyer/spy Allen Dulles brought 2000 Nazi scientists into the US (OPERATION PAPERCLIP), to run NASA's rocket program and chemical/ biological weapons programs. In West Germany, Dulles hired Hitlers' master spy Reinhart Gehlen to revive the SS spy agency as the Gehlen Org., which became West Germanys' spy agency BND. Dulles gave Gehlen $200 million in US taxdollars over 10 years to rehire thousands of Nazi SS and GESTAPO veterans, allowing the Nazis to organise underground networks called ODESSA and DIE SPINNE (the spider). These networks created The RATLINE, an escape route to Argentina for thousands of Nazi war criminals sought by Israel, Russia, France etc.. These included notorious Nazis like Adolph Eichmann, Joseph Mengele, Otto Skorzeny, Walther Rauff and Klaus Barbie, who worked for the CIA-BND as advisers to the dictators of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia, running torture centers, death squads and cocaine rings. IN 1947 HENRY KISSINGER SERVED AS GERMAN TRANSLATOR IN ARMY INTELLIGENCE, to help Dulles set up these secret networks. He personally "interrogated" many of the top Nazi prisoners held by the US Army, who were absorbed into the CIA-BND. (see: The CIAs worst kept secret, by M. Lee, under Archived article "Nazi echo" at  http://www.consortiumnews.com ) In 1952 Dulles ordered SS comando Skorzeny to bring 200 Nazis to Egypt as military advisors to Abdul Nasser in his war with Israel (see: Postwar Arab links to the ODESSA network, at  http://www.fantompowa.net/Flame/nazis_postwar_egypt.htm ).


-----1953, IRAN: President Mossadegh overthrown by the pro-nazi Shah Pahlavi, who kills and tortures thousands and opens Irans' oilfields to Rockefellers' EXXON corp.

-----1954, GUATEMALA: President Arbenz overthrown by the military, which by 1989 killed 200,000 Mayan Indians. To protect assets of United Fruit co.(Chiquita Bananas). Dulles was a director.

-----1961, ECUADOR: Pres. Arosemana overthrown

-----1961-64, BRAZIL: Pres. Joao Gaulart overthrown

-----1961-65, CONGO: Pres. Lumumba overthrown by Mobutu, who rules corruptly for 32 years and gives 10,000 square miles to OTRAG, a German rocket company run by former Nazi scientists.

-----1963, USA: President JF Kenneddy assassinated; John McCloy and Allen Dulles,(who JFK had fired as CIA director), "serve" on the Warren Commission, which claims there was no conspiracy involved. Lyndon Johnson reverses Kennedy's order to withdraw troops from Vietnam.

-----1963-65, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Pres.Bosch ousted

-----1965, INDONESIA: President Sukarno overthrown by Gen. Suharto, who led a massacre (CIA assisted)of up to 1 million Indonesians and ran concentration camps with over 750,000 prisoners whose arms were tatooed with letters. He opened Indonesias' oilfields to Rockefellers EXXON, Mobil and Chevron co's. Rockefellers' Goodyear Tire co. made use of Suhartos' slave labor camps.

-----1965-67, GREECE: Pres. Papandreous overthrown

-----1971, BOLIVIA: President Torres overthrown by Gen. Banzer, who tortures and kills thousands with the help of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie. Barbie runs the major cocaine ring known as AMADEUS, a lucrative CIA operation. In 1983 he is extradited to France for his war crimes trial.

-----1973, September 11, CHILE: President Allende overthrown by Gen. Pinochet in a bloody coup in which 3000 Chileans are massacred. The Rockefellers' ITT corp., now run by John McCloy, donates $1 million to the coup effort, which is orchestrated by Henry Kissinger.(source: Rogue State, by William Blum)

.......1976-OPERATION CONDOR, SOUTH AMERICAN ASSASSINATION CARTEL, THE YEAR GEORGE BUSH SR. IS CIA DIRECTOR. In 1976, Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President (to Ford), and his advisor Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State. In this year Kissinger's puppet dictator Pinochet, of Chile, organised Operation CONDOR, to co-ordinate death squad assassinations by the secret police of the dictators of Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay . 30,000 leftists were assassinated/ executed/ "disappeared". Former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier was car bombed in Washington DC by Chilean agents. Operation CONDOR was based out of a bizarre Nazi colony in Chile known as COLONIA DIGNIDAD, whose founder is wanted in Germany for kidnapping and molesting young boys. Colonia Dignidad was used by Pinochets team to train for the 1973 coup d'etat, and then served as a torture center where prisoners were "disappeared". Many of the top ranking Nazi war criminals in South America are believed to have lived in Colonia Dignidad. In 1993 a cache of documents called the "ARCHIVES OF TERROR" was found in Paraguay detailing Nazi war criminal involvement in Operation Condor, and listing victims, including Israeli agents who were trying to find Nazis to bring to trial. It is highly probable that George Bush sr and Henry Kissinger knew about, and directed, Operation CONDOR. General Pinochet was never ashamed of his pro-Nazi fetish, preferring Nazi uniforms and marching music. In 1985 an American professor, Boris Weisfeiler, was disappeared at Colonia Dignidad. Today Dignidad is a prospering commune valued at $5 billion, but closed to the public and protected by the Chilean military. Today David Rockefeller is the scion of his families' empire, running Chase-Manhattan Bank, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Rockefeller Center, NYC. Kissinger was Bush jrs choice to head the September 11th investigation. Paul Bremer III, former Director of Kissinger Associates, was Bush's appointed ruler of Iraq. (Sources: Operation Condor, Virtual Truth Commission:  http://www.geocities.com/~virtualtruth/condor.htm

---Operation Condor and Pinochet, by Lucy Komisar, LA Times, Nov.1, 1998.

--- Chile, declassified US documents on Pinochet and the 1973 coup, P. Kornbluh, National Security Archive.

---CIA compiled Indonesian Death Lists in 1965, by K.Kadane-  http://www.namebase.org/kadane/html

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