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Harassed last night on your bike?

Were you harassed last night on your bike?
We are collecting information on cyclists that were possibly being harassed last night. If you were cycling anywhere in the city last night and were harassed or possibly attacked, please contact us. We are bicycle advocates that are concerned about a wave of harassment, particularly last night. Please mail me at

bike violence report 13.Sep.2004 04:45


At about midnight on Saturday night my friend was struck by a bat or something
similar by someone in a moving vehicle while riding down Yamhill east of Mount Tabor.
He has no reason to think this was done by anyone he knew, and though details are not clear yet,
it appears he was probably not the only victim/target.

He has a concusion and a broken collar bone, but will "be okay". But as you can imagine the
impacts go far beyond the physical. He's the father of a young child and he and his partner are
expecting a baby in a few months. He will have lost work time, medical expenses that are already
starting to ring up quickly, and may even need to buy a car as his bike is his primary form of

I hope people who care about this willmobalize to raise a voice of concern and awareness,
and maybe do some fundraising for his health care bills or something....

more info? 13.Sep.2004 10:00


i'd like to know more about this. i consider myself to be pretty connected in to the scene but i haven't heard anything about this. what's up?

Huh? 14.Sep.2004 19:28


What part of Yamhill?

I mean, was it east or west of 82nd?