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9.11 investigation

Stanley Hilton interview on Alex Jones show - INFO FOR ALL INTERESTED IN 911

Stanley Hilton is heading a suit on 9-11. He was interviewed on the Alex Jones show on September 10, 2004. Here is a copy in MP3 format. Hilton maintains that he can prove the BushCo. orchestrated the attacks. Alex Jones makes it very clear in all of his broadcasts that he wishes people to copy and distribute his documentaries, and he even does this in this very interview. Copy the mp3 and spread it around.

older interview:

Alex Jones Documentaries 12.Sep.2004 21:14

eshay lahowardu@yahoo.com

Link to all of Alex Jones documentaries and more:


SueTheTerrorists.Net 22.Sep.2004 17:15

Abel Ashes suetheterrorists@yahoo.com

The website mentioned in the interview, Deprogram.Info is mine.I am taking it down.It was meant to be a all purpose website with info on anything I wanted to let people know about and since I have joined with Hilton and the 14 9/11 victim's families as a plaintiff under the U.S. Taxpayer and False Claims Act that was included along with personal stuff and unrelated research/information.
This seemed to me, in light of the misconception that the website was "The Stanley Hilton Website" to be a problem.
To avoid confusion I am running a website dedicated to the lawsuit and things directly related. Iam putting together an online evidence room for public source evidence. There is some evidence which must remain secret until trial, however.
The REAL "Stanley Hilton 9/11 Lawsuit Website" is at  http://suetheterrorists.net
Sorry for any confusion.
Abel Ashes