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Manly Man: Compassionate Conservatism, In Action (photo)

Thu Sep 9, 2:31 PM ET

A member of the audience pulls a demonstrator's hair as he forces her out of an auditorium where President Bush was addressing a crowd of supporters at Byers Choice in Colmar, Pa. Thursday Sept. 9, 2004. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)
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Homeland Security 12.Sep.2004 14:33


Yes...and the reasoning would probably be something patriarchal, like, "This hurts me more than it hurts you."

When you're right (wing) you're right--first principles, taken to logical absurdity: winner take all, one party State.

Programmatic compassion is doled out when the other priorities are met, in the perfection of Fascism in North America.
Maintaining Order
Maintaining Order

Can 12.Sep.2004 17:34


update Bush's Oregon donor list? Sould we explain to them why it is wrong to suupport this. Who has the list. thanks

here too!! 12.Sep.2004 17:55

skirt up

when my girlfriend and i raised our skirts up when cheney visited medford, she got hit in the face from a raving republican bystander. where do these people come from? see our article on www.rogueimc.org under skirts up for cheney. by the way a few skirts up in the crowd at the rc as well. keep up standing up and go go go. press charges too.

Ghandi once said - 13.Sep.2004 03:48


The rank and file conservatves have started to fight back. In addition to the incident posted here, there are several other instances where the Republican faithfull have put their hands on our fellow protesters. Once during the last Bush visit (Beaverton), where a woman was photographed by the Tribune covering a protestors mouth. Another time, durring a Young Republican meeting at the RNC, aids activists were attacked by the crowd.

One of my favorite quotes from Ghandi came after his movement had succeeded against the occupying British. He said "First they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, next they will fight you and then finally you will win!"

I think that it is OK for the progressives to engage in honest battle. I think that if we are respectful and non-abusive, then we can sucessfully fight those who opress us.

Just the other day I spoke with a self labled Libretarian over dinner. I was able to engage him on several issues in a rather blunt style. I compared GW to a 1933 version of Adolf Hitler and expresed evidence that AmeriKKKa was becoming a Fascist state. Next I compared Israel to 1940's Germany by talking about Palestenians is as a victim society, at one point refering the the West Bank as the "Palestenian Ghetto."

He did not like what I was saying, but he could not answer my charges. I think that the Movement is in a powerful position to assert to others our world view. I think that we have both the evidence and rational, as well as the motivation, to go public and be assertive. Because I believe that if we fight well, then we will win. Mostly though, we will be able to pursuade others and change their beliefs away from consumption and control issues.

- kamf

Ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaandi 15.Sep.2004 06:21


Ghandi's political movement was at the tail end of a long and bitter resistance struggle. He consiously made it the alternative to the forcefull insurection that had been mounting in india. Put down your "ghandi" video and read a book! He writes about the need to present an alternative to the violent revolution going on around him, right outside his cell, a way for the british to exit india yet save face. He consiously recognized that the british with thier long tradition of imperialism would never let themselves "loose a war" but that givin the oppurtunity they would "exit a costly situation." Without armed struggle, witout the rock trowing indians burning copshops there would have been little reason for the British to take Ghandi seriously. There are good things that can be learned from ghandi's struggle, but co-opting ghandi's political struggle to legitamize your own bullshit politics is just wrong. The challenge for us is to make US imperialism too costly to maintain then "peace" will suceed.