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Call out for Indigenous Day on October 11th

Regarding his first encounter with the Arawaks in the Bahamas, Columbus
wrote "They don't bear arms and do not know of them, for I showed them a
sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance...They
would make fine servants...With fifty men we could subjugate them all and
make them do whatever we want."
In 1492, Columbus began the genocidal massacre of the Indigenous
Population of the Americas. This massacre continued and was made policy
by Andrew Jackson after America became an institution. It continues on
today as the Native peoples remain oppressed and targetted by the American
government and ruthless corporations.

Indigenous Day is more than a denouncement of Columbus Day, a day which
blindly celebrates the Native holocaust. Indigenous Day is about the
awareness and condemnation of the ongoing oppression of the Native peoples
that is still occurring in the world today. It's easy to condemn a dead
man and say that Columbus wittingly brought about the systematic
destruction of the Indigenous culture. It's more difficult to condemn
society today, which may include ourselves, for allowing it to continue
through our blind eye and silent voice.

On Indigenous Day, we must be silent no more about the ongoing oppression
and attempted assimilation of the Native culture. We will look this
destructive force in the eye, even if that means looking in the mirror.

Nationwide education, initiative and action are needed to bring
awarenessto this day. The Native Youth Movement is planning protests in
Denver and on the US/Canadian border by Blaine, WA over the "holiday"
weekend. More actions are needed to happen throughout the country in
solidarity with this movement on this day.

In Portland, there will be speeches and video showings throughout the day
to educate all about the Native people's continuing struggle as well as
music to celebrate the Indigenous culture. These events serve a critical
purpose but they do not confront the entire problem. More actions are
needed to confront the government and the businesses which serve to
eliminate the Native people's way of life.
Transform Columbus Day 12.Sep.2004 13:27



Don't liek the poster 12.Sep.2004 22:05


On the poster, it says that Columbus is respoinsible for "the destruction of a culture." Saying that denies the existence of vibrant indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, making invisible the struggle that the indegenous American peoples have waged over the past 500+ years to maintain their cultures.

good point but... 12.Sep.2004 22:23


one could argue that the indigenous culture as it once was has been destroyed but I do agree with you. There is still a remaining vibrant indigenous culture despite attempts by the American Government and various profiteering companies to destroy it!

There are dead cultures in america 13.Sep.2004 06:15

another Anti-imperialist

There are many extinct cultures in the Americas made so by political and papal policies that directly decend from this man. What does it mean to kill a language?

What get's me is that the roman cathlic church can absolve itself of sins without recending the actual declarations that made it "ok" to declair indegenious peoples less than human. Or that the people of this country can go on celebrating this man without bieng confronted about what that means.

when columbus... 14.Sep.2004 09:09

Yanqui Latina

Landed on the island of what is now hispanola (haiti and the DR) he wiped out the entire indegenious population. He and his mercinaries killed, raped and tortured the population. And there isnt any thriving indegenious culture left.
For source of facts and good info, read at least the first chapter of Howard Zinn's "A people's history of the United States."

global map of indigenous populations 14.Sep.2004 09:22


Below is the International Forum on Globalization's web page about indigenous populations. It is very objective and includes a PDF map of tribes and the way they are being affected by globalization. I have also included a web site for the Landless People's Movement.

Personally, I think we need to recognize the attrocities that Columbus and Spain (the world's first capitalist state) committed several hundred years ago. But it is far more important to see that this stuff is still going on and there is still time to stop the attrocities that are currently being committed, and prevent more of them.


Globalization destroys cultures and displaces people. There are alternatives.

A future 14.Sep.2004 16:50

!against imperialism!

Creating a future requires knowing the past. Most people in this country are intentionally mislead to beleave that rapists and butchers are heroes. It's diffucult to escape the social pressure to beleave in this system when you can't see ways out of it. Everybody deals with this. Some people are punished or murdered for profit others are punished or murdered because they threaten profit. Recognizing that Columbus day is a ratification of genocide would mean that the government of this country would need to acknowledge guilt. This is somthing it doesn't do. Presedents will say "Oh! That slavery sure was baaaaad!" But they'll never say "The us government ingaged in the criminal inslavement of a class of people for profit." or "Andrew Jackson is a war criminal that defied congressional mandates, broke international treaties, and engaged in systamatic acts of genocide against native peoples. Steps must be taken to repair the harm that's been done." Unless we make them. It seems like creating a public consensus on genocide against indegenious peoples would be a good step twards making a future free of similar acts.

any activities planned in portland? 15.Sep.2004 16:16

elk elk@riseup.net

does anybody have information about 2004 indigenous day activities planned for portland? most of the information i am finding is outdated. thanks.

There's going to be a march 03.Oct.2004 21:03


On Monday Oct 11, at 5pm in Sylvester Park in Olympia, we will meet and mingle until 5:30 when we will march to the capitol. DOWN WITH COLUMBUS DAY!

Decolonization of the Day 04.Oct.2004 15:53


Stop the Celebration!

"The main islands were thickly populated with a peaceful folk when Christ-over found them.  But the orgy of blood which followed, no man has written.  We are the slaughterers.  It is the tortured soul of our world."  --William Carlos Williams

Christopher Columbus was the worst diplomat in history.  To say that he was a slave trader, a murderer, and a rapist is not an exaggeration.  Under his administration as 'viceroy' or 'governor' of the Caribbean, millions perished due to the Spaniards' diseases and savage brutality.  Within a generation of Columbus's landing on the island he called Hispaniola, the indigenous Arawak population had declined by 99%.  This is genocide, and these arrogant actions
set the foundation for legal and social policies regarding European contact with indigenous people.

Every year on the 2nd Monday of October, a federal holiday still honors Columbus's legacy, which reflects on all of us living on in the U.S.  In this age of international cultural exchange, it is embarrassing, if not completely offensive, that
the colonial tradition of Columbus is glorified.  The public condemnation of Columbus Day is long overdue, and with enough pressure, could result in a federal termination or transformation of Columbus Day.

Many states (17) have already dropped Columbus Day as a state paid holiday. Columbus Day in South Dakota and Wyoming has been changed to Native American Day, and North Dakota recently passed legislation to change the holiday to First Nations Day.  Last year, a Congressman from California, Joe Baca, introduced federal legislation to officially change Columbus Day to Native American Day,
but the bill was defeated.  The government may be unwilling to recognize the spiral of atrocities that began with Columbus's landing, but the legacy continues in contemporary policies that marginalize, persecute and subjugate indigenous people.

The future is in our hands, and we as individuals living within the borders of the U.S. can be compliant and justify our collective histories, or we can acknowledge and reclaim the past to avoid future repetitions of injustice.  You can address concerns such as these (and real solutions) this month at the
Northwest Social Forum.  You can also meet up with others who wish to decolonize Columbus Day next Monday (October 11) at 5pm at Sylvester Park in Olympia and there will be a march to the Capitol at 5:30pm.

REAL Homeland Security 05.Oct.2004 13:39

Comandante Gringo blackhouse@mil.gov

Homeland security begins here.
(I _think_ that's Geronimo on the left...)