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imperialism & war

Grounded In War

In Politics and battle the language is geared to war, war, war
Candidates "wage a battle", "campaign", have "war rooms" to plan their maneuvers with the help of their "war chests" full of money. States are red, blue, or "battleground".

Political campaigns and unilateral preemptive strikes have two things in common . . . the language and the incredible waste of money.
The War Nation 12.Sep.2004 17:46

bitter root

Over the years, the U$ economy, culture, passtimes, education--even "spritual" life-- have become more deeply rooted and associated with aggression, national, cultural and racial chauvanism, all finding their home in what is becoming the perpetual "War".

In my hardscrabble, rural, east-of-the-Cascades small town, the Chamber of Commerce, American "lesion", and evangelical boosters, held a 9-11 Memorial--it was all about "supporting the troops" and the War(s)--white-settler, american jingoism. War becomes the normal state and conditions of civic life for the white settler americans. It is no longer considered something extraordinary--something that interrupts sane, peaceful community life.