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9.11 investigation

Hiding 9/11 in Plain Sight

No 757.
Now 3 years since that fateful day and the
"cover-op" is still being run full force by
the Bush administration and the big media.

3 years, and the most obvious mistake
made by the planners of the "Pentagon
crash" is still hidden in plain sight.

So, if you want to expose the fake terror
attack for what it really is, the following
hint is provided as a starting point.


What did the planners forget to add
(or remove) when they set up the
"crash scene" at Pentagon?

Clue 1: Two (2)

Clue 2: Boeing 757


It is clearly "visible" in photos showing
the "entry hole" in the Pentagon wall before
they demolished the wall in an attempt
to make it harder to expose the crime.

You may have to dig deep to find such images
since the Pentagon's own archive has been purged
of most photos from the first 20 minutes.

Good luck.