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The Daily Poetry Movement

We are the only country to have ever used a nuclear weapon on another country. We are the only country to have unleashed a true weapon of mass destruction. We have no moralistic right, we've found out as a country that everyone else cries out Why, America, why? Stop your lies!
The Myth of Hiroshima
- Saga Nobuyuki -

What are they looking for,
running to the summit of lost time?
Hundreds of people vaporized instantly
are walking in mid-air.
"We didn't die."
"We skipped over death in a flash and became spirits."
"Give us a real, human death."
One man's shadow among hundreds is branded on stone steps.
"Why am I imprisoned in stone?"
"Where did my flesh go, separated from its shadow?"
"What must I wait for?"
The twentieth-century myth is stamped with fire.
Who will free this shadow from the stone?

Death dies slow
you were here yesterday
your scent in the cupboards
the cupboards on the floor
our bloods mingled
yours a stain on the walls
the walls I can not leave

A thousand years ago we
occupied a small patch of flowers
your hair found in the folds of my clothes
my clothes so easily abandoned
we would whisper soft
our seperate languages
and communicate in a lovers tongue
taken away for a religion
of a death dying slow

Two thousand years ago
and death dies slow,
it haunts strange papyrus
it carves it's nails into rocks
it lingers at the back of the neck
like an electric shock

How can they take even one more death
when they know
that death dies slow?
- migratory bird