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boycott dr.martens!


Remember the article about Columbia Sportswear, the local company in Portland? Ask yourself this, why do big money corporations and companies have such a desire to exploit cheap labor, whether it is in their hometown or subcontracted out oversees?

Ladies and Gentlemen, what really frightens all of these big companies is when you decide that the best method to prevent labor abuse to is BOYCOTT their product. This company Dr.Martens is no different than any of the other,"left-friendly" and "independent-oriented" capitalist vampires that they really are, and their product is too much money anyway.


Please do not be fooled or enticed by their public relations campaigns and marketing. The reason why a company chooses to subcontract out their work is to take advantage of cheap labor in such horrible conditions. The crime against cheap labor cannot be fixed either! When companies try to, "explain' that they are sincerely trying to improve worker conditions oversees, then they would completely STOP ALL subcontracting of work to exploit cheap labor, which they do not.

There is a solution to help solving this problem and that is BOYCOTT!!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!!!!

Please do not purchase any products from companies that exploit cheap labor by subcontracting out their work oversees! Also, do not believe the hype about these companies like Dr.Martens trying to be "charity friendly", by them sponsoring art exhibits either. If you see any art exhibits that have Dr.Martens as a sponsor, (even if they are advertising their exhibit for charity) you should keep your guard up and know that with a sponsor like Dr.Martens, it still makes no difference, they are GUILTY OF LABOR ABUSE! You must be guaranteed that the charity money really goes to the good cause and better NOT to have a sponsor like Dr.Martens.


Plus, there boots and footwear are too expensive.

my response to this outrage 12.Sep.2004 10:38

rainbow girl

"But Wang Pingli, one of the 35,000 workers, says she is happy she made the trip late last year from her village in Shaanxi province, 800 miles to the northwest.

Yue Yuen ``is the best place to work in the area, because the factory takes care of me,'' she said. To Wang, what makes Yue Yuen a desirable place to work is its zhi du -- a system of rules partly derived from Reebok's code of conduct and partly from Yue Yuen's own Confucian ethos.

Zhi du regulates the conduct of both management and workers. It means, among other things, that Wang works a maximum of 60 hours per week, with five days of paid vacation a year, three months of maternity leave if she gets pregnant, the services of a company clinic and a pair of Reebok shoes as an annual bonus. Most important (and most unusual in Guangdong), she is paid on time, once a month.

Wang gets three meals a day and a bunk bed in a 12-woman room in a high-rise dormitory. Factory regulations stipulate that she place her toothbrush in just the right angle in her rinse cup, hang her face towel just so, participate in early-morning drills and
obey the 11:30 p.m. curfew.

In return, Wang is paid 650 yuan, or about $80, per month. To her, it's a good deal, because back in her village she earned nothing. In a few years' time she will have saved enough for a dowry, she said. ``Or maybe enough to start a shop of my own,'' she
added brightly."

Upon reading the article, I wanted to extract this passage, it says it all about worker exploitation and corporate dominance. This is the, "good intentions" that the companies of the USA and the policy of the past Clinton Administration want to provide? This is just revolting. It is obvious that the, "good intentions" of Reebok is to provide prison conditions to the people that work in the factories that produce footwear for subcontractors who do not care at all about providing for the benefit and welfare of workers. This is just so outrageous and it must be stopped. Nobody benefits from these, "good intentions". How can one woman, Jill Tucker, oversee an system beyond her control, which is obvious from the above article link.
As for Dr.Martens, they are guilty, just like the other footwear companies (also I would like to mention this local company Columbia Sportswear too). Dr.Martens are very expensive and certainly not considerate of the consumer's economic needs, since they charge around 100 dollars for their product. The consumer public must speak out and demand fair prices and also better conditions for the workers that manufacture these products.
I will boycott Dr.Martens as well as the other footwear companies that exploit workers. Yes, spread the word.

Question 12.Sep.2004 11:02

am i ignorant?

I thought that Dr Martins were manufacured in the UK? Not true?

NOT NECESSARILY 12.Sep.2004 12:14


I bought a pair not long ago on the same assumtion only to find the Made in China stamp afterwards. There you go. Just shows how hard these things should be inspected if you want shop with a purpose. BTW - Don't just not buy them, tell someone in authority at the companies [any and all of them] you have issues with as to why. Otherwise, it's your own private boycott and, though it may make you feel better, does little or nothing to change the situation.

looking at this Dr.Martens 12.Sep.2004 12:47



the above link also says they operate in china and indonesia

information 12.Sep.2004 12:54


"Companies in Europe are also feeling the pain. Competition from Chinese manufacturers helped push exports of Italian textiles down by around 6% in 2002. And over the past year, cheap Chinese imports of everything from footwear to TV parts have forced several manufacturers to close factories in Britain. Last year, R. Griggs the maker of Dr. Martens boots laid off more than 1,000 workers, shut its British plants and outsourced production to China"

 link to www.time.com

Take a look at the above. read the whole article.

what is expensive 12.Sep.2004 21:30

purple punk

Nike, Doc Martens, and which other companies utilize unfair labor practices? Damned near the lot of them. Which companies can we buy from in good conscience (and I'm not looking to buy 2nd hand shoes because it's hard enough to find NEW shoes in a huge store that are a good fit--Goodwill just isn't realistic for me)?

And if we the manufacturer pays a fair wage to its workers, how much are the shoes? I know that Nike has a huge mark-up, but I imagine that companies that pay fair wages don't have a huge mark up and cost about the same. From that perspective, if my hunch is correct which maybe it isn't, the price at which Docs go for isn't expensive--a fair-labor shoe made with the same materials and quality should cost about the same. IE the price of Docs is fine--it's their labor practices that suck.

And please no jumping down my throat here. I am not trying to start a flame.

black spot 12.Sep.2004 22:44



there ya go, antifascist sneakers at a decent price for new shoes. organic, hemp, vegan, good working conditions, no brand, what can you possibly complain about here?

they're here!!!! 13.Sep.2004 00:56

purple punk

Thanks! Just checked out the web site. Those are pretty good lookin' shoes (as one might expect given that Fleuvog designed them). And they're inexpensive (especially when compared to his other shoes). But do they plan on having any stores? For folks who like to try on shoes and don't want to have to send them back. And do you know of any good options for running shoes, boots, etc? I hear that New Balance isn't so bad...

Another suggestion 13.Sep.2004 01:20


No Sweat Apparel, an anti-sweatshop, pro-union clothes manufacturer also has some no sweat sneakers. They are almost the same price as the blackspot (a few bucks cheaper even), and from what I hear more readily available. They are even coming out with some Mother Jones and Code Pink versions...rock on.


I don't think New Balance is "ok" anymore either. 13.Sep.2004 10:23


"Yue Yuen, which also makes shoes for New Balance, Timberland and Dr. Martens at the same factory, produces for nearly all other American brands at other plants."

Also, While it is super that there are sweatshop free shoes available, I don't find $61 for a pair of sneakers to be "inexpensive". The NoSweat shoes are "cheaper" at $47, but still that can be hard for many of us to afford. Of course, they ARE comparable with the above-mentioned brands who are abusing human rights in Taiwan and other places, which is nice. I have never been willing (able) to spend more than $35 on a pair of sneakers, but I think a pair of No Sweat sneakers would be a worthy exception to my frugality. Too bad it costs us so much money to be caring consumers. Perhaps some day the wages will match the cost of living?

hallu's post has the right idea 14.Sep.2004 13:59




"there ya go, antifascist sneakers at a decent price for new shoes. organic, hemp, vegan, good working conditions, no brand, what can you possibly complain about here?"

Any footwear or clothing made from organic hemp is very cool with me. I would spend the $47 (average about 50) dollars for those sneakers. Grassroots capitalism is more trustworthy and beneficial to us all than the corporate shakedown. Thank You Hallu for the link. This is what footwear companies that exploit cheap labor hate to see, competition like this, and I agree with this thread, BOYCOTT DR.MARTENS!

Does anyone still make shoes USA/England? 23.Oct.2004 17:38


Grossly disappointed as it becomes more and more impossible to buy anything in America or England that is not made in Asia with the host of issues that brings. Is there a source of products still manufactured by the people my heritage tells me to support? The Docs moving to China pushed me over the edge!

Gripfast 09.Apr.2005 02:44


Gripfast are still made in USA...look an awful lot like docs, too

boots 15.Apr.2005 13:19


Cocoran jump boots are American made, and for my money, the toughest and most comfortable combat boot out there. They are a little steep in price ($110+) but worth every penny. They also have some nice features other boots don't, like special insoles that direct moisture from your foot out of the boot. See this website for a lot of American made boots - I've ordered from them a few times and they have always delivered the goods-


Danners? 09.Oct.2005 18:18


Grossly disappointed as it becomes more and more impossible to buy anything in America or England that is not made in Asia with the host of issues that brings. Is there a source of products still manufactured by the people my heritage tells me to support? The Docs moving to China pushed me over the edge! </i>

Bravo! I rushed out to get my first pair of Docs when I heard they were moving out to the Third World. They've lasted quite well (though I think they could have done 1/2 sizes - it took some work to get them to fit) but I was disappointed in the tendancy of the soles to squeak on waxed floors. I went the store lately just to see for myself. Couldn't get too close a look at them for the annoying salesman, but I didn't see "Made in England." Wasn't really expecting to, but I was wanting to see how much they hid that they weren't any longer. Finally, I just asked a pal who had a relatively new pair. He had noticed the lack of "Made in England" on the sole unlike the 3 other pairs he had bought. He said they weren't as well made (BIG surprise, right?)

As to that stomperboots site - do they sell brown shoes. Everything there is black. Something about it seemed a little homoerotic, too. LOL! Anyway, I've heard that Danners are still made in the US and are listed there, too.

Great site 22.Oct.2005 09:22


Here you go - lots of great boot makers here!!!!!


I'm looking at some Chippewas.